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Heartm  xX mY bRoKeN hEaRt Xx (LjiconMy_Night_mare_XoX) wrote, @ 2006-01-24 15:15:00


Loneliness (for Victoria) - Comments

Loneliness is the dark despair of solitude.

No one understands me.

No one loves me.

My family claims that they do, but we all know they're lying.

God, I hate them so much; the fakes.

The only people who love me, The only ones who understand or care

All live in my iPod.

Please kill me.


Valentines Day. People are supposed to be happy, right?

I'm not.

Not since she left me.

I guess she found someone more screwed up than I am,

or perhaps he's just more Scene than I, or maybe it's his hair.

It was the best three days of my life, though, with her.

She was so much better than the girl last week.

I let her draw Xs and Cut Lines on my wrists in sharpie.

They're still there, mocking me, reflecting the darkness in my soul.

They are tempting me.

School is such a waste.

We're supposed to learn about things that don't matter.

Who cares about poets and plays,

When the world has no meaning? I can't wait to get my new glasses,

Although I don't need them at all.

That's why i stare at my computer screen all day.

My dad took away my razor set last weekend.

I hate him. He doesn't understand me.

The doctors are still worried about my problems.

I hate them too. They don't care about people or saving lives.

A pair of kiddie scissors aren't sharp enough to cut, they're all I have.

This sucks. These thirteen years have been a waste,

And I want to end it all now.

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Cavepainting  use me (Ljiconepynephrin) wrote, @ 2006-02-24 00:33:26

Hey man. UR Poetry moved me. I feel it in my sole. I know how much parents suck an I agree. We should hang out and listen to music sometime. (Im not a stalker!)

Mrt-hs200-2  I LOVE CHRON!!!1 <333 (Ljiconcarlos teh meen) wrote, @ 2006-02-24 01:09:45

hey im a stalker but I'm the gud kind, im going to kill all ur parents cos I know tehy suck lol. we shud totally get 2gether sum time and cut ourselves or mayb each other + then listen 2 sum music. U can hear my poetry if u like, I dont show any1 cos its really deep, but seeing as ur life is as shit as mine:

I lost my keys today

They are gone from me like when I lost

My soul

Only worse.

I bet it was my Brother

He is always picking on me. It's like

He is afraid of the darkness in

My soul

Only worse.

My Gerbil died as well.

Poisoned by the black die in it's fur, like

My soul

Only worse.

I buried it in the harsh cold

In the middle of a pentagram on the lawn

His body buried deep like

My soul

But I'm worse.

I'm still living.

I just want to end it now

and be with my gerbil.

But my gerbil is lucky

and I'm not.

Rainbow  suicide kinge (Ljiconrcmurphy) wrote, @ 2006-02-24 04:41:12

i was looking thru blogs and i saw yours and i tohougt it was intersting, come to my blog i rite down my inermost thoghts in it. like about music, i liek conor oberts omg he is cyuuute, i hav his potsers all over my walls which are pink. i like unicorns 2

bye bye

NightelfIcon  ALLIANCE RLUES (Ljiconmrjimmy) wrote, @ 2006-02-25 03:36:45

ha! U R ALL EMO! ther was this guy at my skool who tried to down an econo tub of tylonal, he was trying to kill himself too. Mabye you should try that lol. n00b.

ps. get WoW lol.

Oldmandownthestreet  Some Old Guy(Ljiconsquiggledude42) wrote, @ 2006-10-29 10:03:45

You gershderned "emotional" kids and your "teened aged" slang - I'll tell you what sorts of cut you need: A haircut! Back in my day, in Mother Russia, so much as one angry eyebrow while tending to the farm got you a boot in the ass! But we just grinned and bared it. Nowadays you kids get so much as a well-deserved and stern talking-to by your pushover parents and you go out and buy some dark clothes and "Compact Discs" of loud, unpleasant screaming music with your parents credit cards, go home, "text message" to your homo boyfriend on your "cellular telephone", cut yourself, eat, and sleep. Well, someone has got to beat you into shape with a belt, and if it ain't gonna be your parents, it's gonna be me! Stand still! I'm comin' for ya!

536069975 l  DEATH DARKNESS DESPAIR DOOM DREAD DISGUST(LjiconNeppset) wrote, @ 2007-10-13 10:03:45

I totally understand your pain. I feel the same way, maybe we can be friends? I don't have any, I don't have anything... It is all dead within my soul. My only friends are all of my musical idols nowadays, I have totally fallen... And it's all hers fault. That bitch, playing with my heart, with my mind, with my soul... I believed in her. And then after this, what? I thought my friends would be understanding, but no! They just screwed be over a few weeks later. I feel like killing the entire world right now.

Emo negro  i blled blak (Ljiconxxx_bleedingblack_xxx) wrote, @ 2009-01-11 10:12:12

i feel ur pain mang we shud get 2gethur sumtiem n slit n whien n kill ourselfs i haet mai lief 2 i fel ur pian.

"hand with dotted line" image needs to be changed. Down, not across. -- 14:41, 14 February 2006

That's intentional. The poem's "author" is a moron. --epynephrin 14:58, 14 February 2006 (UTC)
In fact, the image uploader also uploaded: Image:PleaseCutCorrectly.png at the same time. As Epy said, it is the joke that it is the wrong one there. --Splaka 04:35, 15 February 2006 (UTC)

I am sooooo EMO 8'(

Cheer up, emo kid! 23:12, 4 July 2006 (UTC)

Man i feel you. Lets go do a group cut.

I feel ur pain cuz no one gets it they think wer jus sad but itz not liek dat. I think im gunna hav a few pills and im gonna cut my wrists tomorrow u in we can talk about hour depresion N stuff

u kno?

i raly kneed a fri3nd ryt now.......... .................. ................. ................ ............... .............. ............ ........... .......... ......... ........ ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. .

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