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Don't miss mentioning that he was missing part of a finger (courtesy of a buzzsaw accident while building a treehouse for his daughter). I shit you not, see The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.--Shandon 04:07, 7 August 2006 (UTC)

edit I took the trouble to log in this assholeness just for one issue:

It's not only insulting but demonstrates the lack of information you have on Lee Van Cleef's work, life and carreer. I know, you'll say: "fuck that old dinossaur (me)". It's just fine... btw: fuck you too. One thing is to be humoristic and another is being insulting, specially on a person who's dead and can't deffend himself. That's being a sucker.

btw: Oscar Wilde said: "Worse than people talking badly about you, is if the don't talk at all."

Angel-eyes (obviously a Lee Van Cleef's fan and follower)

Listen lady, this here's a humor wiki and there obviously ain't enough room on it for the two of us. I reckon if you got a problem with this here artikle, you can done fix it yerself, seeing as it's a wiki an' all. Otherwise y'all oughta do us a favor and bugger right off. -OptyC Sucks! Icons-flag-us CUN16:57, 28 Feb


Shaddup, ya maroon. I, the biggest Lee Van Cleef fan of all time, take the effort to give ol' Cleefy a hell of an Uncyclopedia page, and I get a response like that? I give the Baddest Man on Bad Man's River the send-off he deserves, and all I get for my trouble is told to "fuck off"? Why, I ought to have MY gunslinging twin take revenge on you!

You know what I hope? I hope someday it's High Noon for you, and you can't Escape. Then you'll see that Death really DOES Ride A Horse. -- Baramos (I forget how to sign things)

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