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Being crap at the "creating an article" thing, I need help:

1) Can someone upload a suitably funny picture relating to Lawrie?

2) Can someone tell me how to link it into a category (e.g. Soccer Players, football, what have you?)

3) Can it be sung in tune to "In the hall of the mountain king"? The preceding unsigned comment was added by KarlheinzKetchup (talk • contribs)

  1. You can do it yourself - find one on Google, flikr or whatever, and use the "upload an image" link at the bottom of the left hand toolbar.
  2. Find the category you want, put it at the foot of the article in this fashion: [[Category:NameGoesHere]]
  3. Can it? Probably, if you don't pay any attention at all to rhythm. Will it? Probably not.
  4. Don't forget to sign with the 4 tildes when you leave a talk page post (~~~~). --UU - natter UU Manhole 08:35, Aug 24
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