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  • (It's mean DUMBBEST).

I think, that this article represent the real situation in this region...


The best web page i've ever seen! Generally it's all the truth about this country!

Latvija yr zirgu galvu valstija

I think Latvians just can't stand a joke. ;(


Vienkaarshi ideaali aprakstiita situaacija latvijas republikaa :)

Nez ko gribeja panakt ar tadu samugrotu rakstu, drosh ka pats nemaz nezin, tiesham nesaprotu shos muljkjus, vinji jau nav krievi, Maskava dzivo istie krievi, vinji ir laipni un sakarigi cilveki, pats zinu, bet shie ir... nu nezinu kas vinji ir.. kaut kaadas atbiras, ne ta krievi ne ta kaada cita tautiiba.. es teikti idinji :)

taa kaa gluzzi vienalga ko vinji gaudo

Oij, labs! Pilnigi ...skauzh!!!

Nedomaaju, ka shis raxc iisti atteelo reaalo situaaciju muusu valstii... Paskatiijos - par Igaunijas info bojaashanu staav baigais banneris : DANGER, bet par sho nekas... nu nezinu...

Nothing in this info article is truth. Shame.

Es nezinu... Man itkā likās smieklīgi tas melnais humors , nevajag taks uztvert nopietni johaidī.

Lithuanians can kiss my tough Latvian ass with their Horse Heads joke, anyway I think this article is funny, and entertaining. By the way, do you know how created Lithuanian language? Well, drunken Estonian tried to speak Latvian. :D The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) 00:41, August 15, 2012

How much smarter are the american people form other humans? Edit

You americans probably think you are the smartest and the "coolest" of all nations of world but you don't even now your history ,your traditions you are scum left by the eroupean refugees who seek the new home because they were vaquished from their homeland! This article are the smartest and the most argumented review of coutnry I have ever see ! Only bad thing is that it was write by rusian komunistic fanat in your big land off thight asses the United States Of Asses ! Good luck("Ej dirst"-in latvian) to you all in the future!

Actually, most the immigrants to America were from middle class families. Those who needed more prosperity and thus seeked it out in America, but had enough money in the first place to afford the mission.

Oh, and if you're going to speak the dominate language of the world (English, because of America?) you might want to use proper grammar, I can't understand some of it. --Stewie 02:54, 3 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Well, not really. Edit

There are two problems.

1: You are writing in English as a second language and your writing is not very good. Check your grammar and spelling before you post. But of more importance is your content. It's bad.

2: You are writing mostly limited-interest articles, ie, topics which most other people in the world don't give a litre of rancid dog dung about. Again, poor content.

As an American I have created no articles about America as a country. Zero. I have created a number of them about general-interest topics. For that matter, I have cleaned up your bad spelling and worse grammar a number of times.

So quit whining. Nobody like a whiner.

If you want a Latvian Uncyclopedia, make one. Shrug

Is this uncyclopedia a joke? Edit

Now I see probobly this is fake version of an encyclopedia ! But american bigest par are so dumb ,they all think this is real facts and stories and it's bad for all others ,who don't live in this fucking land of posibilyties !Yes ,I agry my English is not so good but tought I can comunicat with you in your language no matter if it's good or bad you understand it anyway ,but i think you only can joke about others siting on chair and eating your favorite hammburgers ! Why all who disagree with you is whiner? Your "nation" really all the good hope of civilization!

Do you know what this encyclopedia is for? If not, then please shut the fuck up. --Nytrospawn 23:44, 18 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Now I now that ,but it don't change the point ! If i was big fat fagot i probably make some web page like this thats for sure because i am super smart not only maksvel smart!:)

If it makes you feel any better, you're free to make up all the lies you want about the United States of America, Americans, United States Presidents and MTV. As long as they're funny. Lame "Amerikans are the stupid lol" stuff will get purged, just as "ZOMG Latvians are lam0rz" would get deleted as well. --Rcmurphy 23:58, 18 Jul 2005 (UTC)

You write, "Why all who disagree with you is whiner?" That is not my point at all. My point is simply that I have adopted a world-culture viewpoint and written general-interest articles, while you have adopted an Eastern-Europe-only viewpoint and written single-interest articles. It is a form of narcissism to write about the same thing over and over. Self-absorption. Self-centeredness. You can run these terms through an online translator if you're unsure about their meaning.

The whole point of writing is to inform, amuse, and entertain other people: that vast, unseen Intarweb audience. If you are performing only for six of your Latvian friends, you have a very small audience. If you write material that is interesting to anyone in the world, you have a potentially unlimited audience.

You are a whiner not because you disagree with me but because you complain when criticized. Uncyclopedia is not a joke, but if you don't laugh then you are the joke. OEJ

In this point I can agree with you maybe I read it to fast and don't get the meaning why it was created ! Sorry for my inconviniece and unnesecarry complayning and agresion ! You see I have seen to much self -rigteus rusian degradeted youth propoganda and lies and I flame up in my anger but now I see there was no point for that !If you see things like that around you every day you stop laughting and start to get angry but little dose of humor only make us better !:)

testing reports.

Afftar zhot!!! Peshi esho!!! :)

Sukas jūs visi jobanie lopi un pederasti, taadi kucēni un smerdelji! Iebāziet sev daiktus dir..! Ja nemakat pateikt to aciis,tad nedirshiet. Es ar varu kaut ko pateikt Ej dirst (meaning: Fuck You)

What's with the block of spam links to the pop-cultie website? Of course it's meant as satire -- any spammer worth executing knows that the surest way to make people avoid a link is to make it as obvious as can be that it's merely SPAM. Aieee, kids these never know. ----OEJ 21:41, 21 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Nu es nezinu kaa jums, bet man liekas, ka raksts ir diezgan sakariigs un labs. unciklopeedija tachu ir jox un paroodija. nevajag raudaat. viss buus labi..

I think that this is a very good article. that's it.

Uncyclopedia удалась на славу! Давно я так не ржал :D (Y) Peace!

Now let's Learn some Latvian! OK? Latvian | English

Pimpis | Water Dirsa | Bread Atsūkāt negribi? | How are you doing? Ej dirst! | Give me some bread! Blja tu siikaa, smirdiigaa, dirsaa pistaa kuce, nahuj, blja. Es tev tuuliit taa izdraaziishu, ka dirst, blja, tev gadus 5 vairs negribeesies. | Helo little, sweet, very charming girl. Can you please give me 5 slices of bread.

These are 5 most popular words in Latvia. Hope you learn something! (t.i. Juus smirdiigaas kuces. eku jums 5 pisti vaardi...maacaties!)

tu aizmirsi NBP jeb naakotnes baronu pidarasi

Let me translate some Russian! OK? ;) Russian = English Uncyclopedia удалась на славу! Давно я так не ржал :D (Y) Peace! | Uncyclopedia is GREAT! For a long time I so did't laugh :D (Y) Peace! (Мир)

article stinks Edit

this article has slipped. it was very funny & witty but has now slipped into complete nonsense, none of the original humor remains. i say we revert a couple months back.

Super! Iereecu! :)

"Draugystes Stadionas" Edit

This is about to get deleted if it's to do with Latvia (is it?) could someone either expand it (and make it funny) or merge the content into an appriate article. Cheers--Sir Elvis KUN FIC Bur. | Petition 16:22, 31 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Stulbie amiishi Edit

Juus esat lohi, kas nesaprot jokus. Dirsaa Ameriku (God bless America latv.)

I found the link to this page through the described here "virus" "" and have to tell you this - I haven't laughed like that for a LOOOOOONG time :)) I'm myself latvian but didn't find anything assaulting in the article and I believe everybody who actually did - just didn't read a little note about the link to the real encyclopedia site;)) It's unbelievable that this funny and humorous (although I have to admit - sometimes it was black humour) article could arise such negative and cursed comments...Looks like it was done completely without any thinking and now everyone can see what's up (what aggressive apes you are). People who did that really can't see pass their noses and they should be ashamed of themselves. I think if you can't take a joke you shouldn't go to humorous sites - less stress and you'll live longer:)) And the author - nice piece of work and up-to-date:)) Keep up a good job!!! JB

Nav tik smalki! Ko juus tur satraucieties par mazu jocinju? Visvairaak man patika prikols par kroplju aizstaaviibas biedriibu (vai kaa tur), tjipa urlas :D!

Mjaa Edit

Shausmas cik te daudz cilveeku bez humora izjuutas :( Autoriem: taa tureet! Rlz!

smiekligi Edit

daudziem liekaas ka shito visu ir sataisijushi amiishi- bet nee, par latviju raxtiijushi galvenokaart latvieshi. un dazhiem sheit ir laba humora izjuuta. es pats esmu pievienojis vairaakas bildiites shajaa temataa :)

... Edit

Humor is funny it seems most of us are turned into such cinism ,as we can't laught about our selves .But it was bit funnier if it was balanced on funniest misunderstandings of real life and not only on some lame Star Wars or other imeperialistic ideers :) For the exsample it was for real the Angor's media dispatched info about war declaration on Latvia ,because of it's distinct location and unknown traditons .. The real life typos and misunderstandigs not lies and propoganda are the farmost humoristic than made up humor without any thoughts . Ah yea sorry people who work here it's not plea to you but to my countryman.. We are mostly snobs and that is the funniest about us! Hope to see this site developed in large blog in next 10 years!

(>_<) Edit

Mira, encontre este sitio mientras busque algo para usar en mis clases. Soy escribiendo un reporte sobre Latvia, y queria encontrar si les gustaban Americanos o no. Pero encontre nadamas un sitio de llorones. I picked Latvia cause I never heard anything about it, except how lame it was compared to Estonia, and especially Lithuania. Jk don't hack my shit. Regardless, what do you Latvians (or Latcats as I like to call you) think about Americans? I would figure that what with America never recognizing the forced Soviet integration and all that you guys would really like Americans. at least more than the Russians and Germans that fucked you for so long. But we are easy to hate I guess. Y por eso hablo espanol cuando puedo, para pasar como un tejano o algo.

Valoda Edit

Ei, jūs. Es gandrīz vai apraudājos uz tām visām gramatikas kļūdām kas tur iekšā ir. Man ir kauns par jums.

Too Funny--I almost DIED laughhing-- AT this "Latvian' attack to latvia--?? BY who?MUst be a Russian WAR lord ? with NO Balls.?? I am 69 years old-- come and fight me / i n australia--just to make it worth while/--I have trained all my life to meet some communist NO BRAIN fighter.-- you got balls to fight me here?-IN australia no rules-- free hands and feet-- come on get me YU piece of shit. Bralu tauta- FUCK russian ass holes

To all russians who are too stupid to understand simple things Edit

This goes out to all you racist / nacionalist idiots, who are so freaking dumb they do not understand even this site's beginner guide guidelines: BE FUNNY AND NOT JUST STUPID.

Urodi, jeslji vi tak njenavidjetji etu stranu i ih KORENNIH zhitjeljei, provaljivaitje v svoju Rossiju, suki! Kakova huja vi portjitje etu zapisj? Tam dazhe njebilo nichego oskorbitjelnogo v storonu Rossiji. Grustno, cto njekotorie russkie mogut bitj takimi debilami. Gandoni...

Loti pamacosi Edit

ko es mekleju, paldies

Rewrite PromiseEdit

Odis has promised to rework this article. --LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ® (Orate) 16:15, July 23, 2012 (UTC)

Almost done. I am not strong in English grammmar so one could fix it. I have deleted also some trash from talk page.--Odis (talk) 09:14, July 31, 2012 (UTC)
The talk page remains as an archive, unless what is posted is outright bullying or spam. I've undone the edits you made, but as I said before, I only speak English. If the talk is just stupid, leave it. If it's trying to sell watches or telling us how fat a teacher is, then delete it. Romartus is good at grammar checking, so if you ask him to proofread it he might agree.                               Puppy's talk page10:56 31 Jul
Not just how fat is a teacher but how hateful are some nationalities. So I deleted it.--Odis (talk) 12:00, July 31, 2012 (UTC)
I translated it with an online translator. I'd suggest leaving it alone usually - people can be fuckwits, and hopefully anyone who read it just considered it the Russian/Latvian equivalent of rednecks. But it also does little harm in deleting it. So cool, done!                               Puppy's talk page12:14 31 Jul
Since I asked for a re-write, I will give it thorough look. --LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ® (Orate) 14:30, July 31, 2012 (UTC)