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edit unblock this page

this page is fucked... you may as well let it be open to everyone seeing as you wont be able to make material that is funny to both ethnicities of kosovo

Kosova is an Empire! --Ak47 02:16, 17 December 2006 (UTC) This is bullshit page-Shefqet

^^Kosovo an empire? It's not even a proper country. My toilet is more of a country than Kosovo...

Some of you need to realise what satire is.

Some of you need to realise what four tildes are. RabbiTechno 10:51, 20 May 2007 (UTC)

Rabbi? ewwwww!

Hahahahaha, GREAT!!!

User:darkado this article is racist and admins banned me for a day for erasing the racist parts and replacing them with non racist text it says a lot about them and this site

Hi, I just edited the page, and whilst it's a bit pish still, it's at least a lot better than the veritable clusterfuck that it was. - User:JBrereton

Do not fuck with Albanians....they have aids.

Anyone who takes even Uncyclopedia serious is bound for a failed education. I am sure people with more sense will read something worthwhile. In the meantime, the creator of this article "locked" it because they thought it would suit their agenda better. Yeepy!!! The more communists and nationalists, the better. Seriously speaking though, hate can be very well be spelled as "heat", because obviously the creator was in that state of mind. Ice, anyone? -Magnifique (USA)

hahah , butbut, isn't "Serbian motto (Serbian)"убиј шиптара"" a bit too obscure a joke? means 'kill <derogative slang for albanians>'

I like the whole idea....but some of the info is politically may wanna fix some of that shit...other than that everything is ok.

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