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edit KDE Night

Maybe really Knight is KDE Night? ^_^ (KDE)

--MaGIc laNTern 09:44, 17 july 2006

edit "Style of Subject" Banner

You guys seem to be pleading un-stupid on the basis of keeping to the style of your subject, while ignoring that your perversion of the subject to being about article-writers is, in and of itself, stupid.

Stupid as charged.

It might be a valid defense if it were the page about the Order of Uncyclopedia. But it appropriated the word "knight." When someone types in the word "knight" on the home page, what do they get? Nothing about knights, just someone jacking off on their screen.

I've seen all these common-word titles appropriated by a few fools. So that any article about actual knights, along with all the hilarious humor about knights, has to use a different title. Great. Just like the poor Russia and USSR were taken over by people who think Yakov Smirnoff signature joke is still funny. And that making everything about Snakes on a Plane is funny. And that anyone but a tiny minority of people understand the gamertalk that pollutes practically every article. And even those who do understand gamertalk generally see people who throw around "n00b" and "l33t" as stupidity.

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