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edit Could use some pictures

This article is very accurate ;)

However it doesn't have any sections, pictures or structure. It needs more work.

I'm from Hull.. and i can say, this is exactly like it is.

edit I've studied Hull for three years now

After a very in depth study of Hull over a period of three years with many of my colleagues ,under the cover story of attending the local university, I can unequivocally confirm all of this page content as FACT!. The only thing I would amend to this article is the little known fact that in hull, on any day of the year, at any time , you can find a complete family (mother + 3 current partners + 19 sprogs) in a single skip searching for a replacement set of furniture.

Hull is occasionally visited by 'cocky bastards'. These are posh twats, who originate from such towns as 'Winchester' and 'Basingstoke', and have never actually had to work for a living. They tend to think that poor folk are beneath them, and do not appreciate the fact that they keep the nation afloat.

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