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This article was nominated for deletion on June 18, 2014.
The result of the discussion was Replacement article.

edit Comments for article before replacement by rewrite

Some Truth Proximity Items

An army of twelve year olds brain washed to murder the elderly for not picking up rice fast enough is an atrocity yet to be matched by mankind.

Humanity is lucky for it not having any significant lasting influence.

The article makes fun of the atrocities of mankind, as if created by a conspiracy theory still present today, and dating as long as Greek mythology, with the aid of the uncylopedic Greek God of Hostility, a page created in tandem.

During WW II, all German highways were destroyed, along with the rest of the German infrastructure, effectively forcing the Marshall plan that came after, which created the dominance of the United States on parts of Europe, creating the set for the Cold War, of which effects are still destroying large portions of, well, enough said....

Hitler burned Maria Montessory books at the stake to eradicate all free education concepts. Maria was indeed an expert with educating infantiles, and one must add in this context some unrelated insult shot at Christianity, given the opportunity.

The original constitution posesses much evil. Blacks are 3/5 of whites, while woman are 0/5 of whites, for the purpose of counting electoral votes. Separately, it ties any evil doing on the part of the United States with its historical origins, hinting again to the conspiracy theory.

Virtually all Australians love Kanguroos. So much so that at one time Kangaroos replicated untconrollably and the Australian government had to hire paid assassins that would operate in stealth to shoot Kangaroos without causing the goverment who solved the problem to be voted out of power.

The Japanese atrocities, as many others, were on the way...

While the Khmer Rouge twelve year old assasins were killing the elderly victims, this article is trying to stress that the 12 year old soldiers are in fact the true victims, never to have had a chance at normal life.

Throughout the western world to this day, armies are constructed mostly of very young adults. When a soldier dies in a modern war, its usually before they went to the office in the morning, ever.

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