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cmmon ,,who is writing all this baseless things man,,we are writing about a state tht is in our own country and not in some other country for tht matter.does this person have the guts to write something similar about maharashtra and leave his name and address below ?no i guess..he/she will surely know the differance tht it will make!!!

dude i'm myself a mallu, but c'mon talk it lightly, this is uncylcopedia after all!

@FirstComment - I'm also a mallu... Take it easy man... Self Criticism is also good at times. Regards, --lim--

Coca Cola

Does anyone have a reference for the Coca Cola force-feeding incident? I remember reading about it in the paper but I cannot find any mentions of it online (other than on here). --Joshua Issac 01:22, January 13, 2011 (UTC)

This page is contains baseless statements

Who are the creators of this page? I it to destroy It is easy to destroy but difficult to build up.. If this is a public property it should be protected.. Kindly do not destroy it.. I think the person or persons did this stupidity has got mad.. Unless they would not have did this to our country and nation.. who gave you authority to insult our national flag? I am going to report this to the cyber cell and wikipedia..

Some just don't get it!

that this is uncylcopedia!!!

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