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I restored the page to an earlier version about 3-4 edits ago. Someone took out the best jokes and failed to understand the humour in which it was written. All the edits added were repetitive like " Her parents drink boxes of wine" (funny to a 5 year old) and other overly defensive fangirl edits like removing her janitorial tasks on Broadway. NOT here thanks! The preceding unsigned comment was added by Olliewasabi (talk • contribs)

To be clear, you did so before selecting your user name, but that's fine. This article has been the victim both of anonymous vandalism and I think of the work of a publicist trying to sanitize it so it's hardly still funny. Your edits look like improvements. I'd also watch out for the Discography and Fun Facts, always enticing for Anons to edit even though they can't formulate a complete paragraph. I've posted a Welcome message to your talk page. Spıke Ѧ 00:00 4-Apr-13
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