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Humour: 8.4 Section by section, then averaged.
  • Intro (5)

It's only three sentences long AND it has a random statement about the 1960's...? If this section was a paragraph long and didn't mention the 1960's, the article would do better on VFH. Why? Because it would look a lot better. If the intro was a slightly funny paragraph, the article score would be about a 42.

  • 1 How to Be a Journalist (9)

Nice work there. I dig it. However, it isn't quite a "10".

  • 2 Types of Journalists (8)

This part of the article was especially good, however I won't go in depth on this analysis. First section: 10 (ha!). Second section: 7 (too short). Third section: 10 (woot!). Fourth section: 5 (what the hell? random).

  • 3 Journalists Around the World (9.8)

First section: 10 (Russian parody: great). Second section: 10 (American parody: perfect). Third section: 9 (Chinese parody: nearly perfect). Fourth section: 10 (Iraq parody: fantastic). This part also was reviewed section by section.

  • 4 See Also (10)

I like the mousetrap quality of that joke.

Concept: 10 you have a lot of room here to write using this topic!
Prose and formatting: 5 Please PLEASE get rid of every single link that isn't at the end of a sentence! In fact, get rid of ALL those damn links. Also, see my comments about the images. Add categories to your article, and the ending will look more like an ending. -2 for having no ending! bad "yourmotherhasmyunderwear" bad!!
Images: 6 I liked the images, but they are all squished into the end. Also, they look weird: different sizes, one is way the hell on the left... line them up all nice 'n pretty!
Miscellaneous: 7.4 avg of all the other scores.
Final Score: 36.8 The only advice I have is to fix the formatting and make it longer. If you did that, you might have a feature on your hands (more likely a quasi-feature). I liked this article alot.

How do you make an article longer and feature worthy?

  • Talk about journalists through history. Like, ancient Egypt and so forth. Get creative.
  • Give a few examples of articles and people's reactions.
  • Give an ending, please. It just ends with Iraqi journalists, which is not an ending at all. Give the ending an oomph: make it about journalists in the future!
  • If you did those two things and had a longer intro, you would have about a 46/50, because that stuff takes a lot of work. Would it be worth it? YES. DO IT!
Reviewer:   Le Cejak <-> 13:17, 4 November 2007 (UTC)
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