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Pure brilliance!

I congratulate you on a most truthful and objective article.

Yeah, right. This is crap. A perfect example of the stereotypical bad Uncyclopedia article. Someone please re-write this.

Actually this is class. This is the random and hilarious kind of humour alot of pages are lacking. Re-write it and I'll change it back, it's good as it is. Just add to it mate.

Umm, what happened here? Where once was an article actually remotely about Prescott, there is now AAAAAAAA!. I'll let you ppls with actual accounts sort this out... 15:53, 12 May 2007 (UTC)

edit Suggestion

I come representing the Church of St John of Prescott. We believe that his holiness was created by God and that adam was his evil twin. May we add the truth about his birth?

Creation of prescott

John is created by God

edit Speech styling

We all know that John Prescott is impossible to understand when he's doing a speech, how bouts the article is re written to take the piss out of that? Seems like a far better (and far more intelligent) idea than the piece of poop I read before me...

Oi fuck face. Piss off.

edit Isle of Wight

I'm pretty sure I lived there, last time I checked. D:

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