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This article was nominated for deletion on January 30, 2008.
The result of the discussion was Keep.

edit From Pee Review

My first ever Uncyclopedia article per se (as in, not UnNews). I'm not that great with all the wiki formatting since I am new to it, so I am sure that's the first thing that could use improvement. And the text can be expanded by some of the comedic geniuses around here I am sure. Hopefully it's a good start though. --Composure1 04:45, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

Humour: 6 Could use a bit more jokes; hard for Jesus though considering every single one has been made for Him and new ones just seem redundant. The whole Christos Latin root species/video game character thingamashit can be ellaborated upon.
Concept: 4 If this idea popped into my head I would probably not do for fear of stressing another Jesus article.
Prose and formatting: 9 Formatting and terminology is great, good job. It looks like you referenced an actual wiki-article.
Images: 7 Great images, not exactly halarious but relatively pertinant.
Miscellaneous: 0
Final Score: 26 I'll nominate this for a feature if you can buffer it with some more humor.
Reviewer: --AmericanBastard 07:54, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

edit This week's random pro-bono proofreading...

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The possessive s is not "its", but "it's", and also, since there were fewer spellings in Ummerican than British, I changed some... threeish words to the British form of spelling, which usually is considered a more "scientific" sounding text. At least to us who still speak Proper English™... ;) -- Luverly - (Contribs) (Talk) Heart_anim.gif Icons-flag-gb Grammar Nazi, Mum , BFF & NotM, CUN , GMP . - 18:40, 8 Feb

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