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Haha it looks like someone raided the recent "Most Popular Girls Names in the US" for the first lady.

edit witty reply

hey.........................shut up.

edit clever fix

Added a few names from the show. Say hello to first ladies Dolores Seinfeld, Lois Seinfeld, and George Seinfeld.

edit New first Ladies/Men

New people such as Carmen Sandiago Seinfeld, Jack Bauer the III and the IV Seinfeld, and Jolisa Seinfeld.

i saw bigfoot. you sonbitch.

edit Exciting news flash

This just in. The giant list of nonsensical first ladies makes no sense and is not funny. Now over to Warmonkey with more on this fast breaking deletion. Warmonkey 14:12, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

edit Where's the Talk Page?

I guess this is it. I don't hear anything. Hmm. Taking off.

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The King has left the building.
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