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This article is unfunny. It is easy to mock Jains (who believe in an extreme form of environmentalism/atheism {there is no god but absolutely ALL life is sacred} therefore: they shave their heads so that they won't accidentally kill lice if they scratch, they only eat overripe fruit {if they pluck it while its still ripe they believe they are hurting the tree, and eat it very slowly so they don't accidentally kill any worms living in it), they believe in extreme non violence {they walk slowly so that they don't accidentally kill insects on the ground, their original leader starved to death so that he wouldn't hurt any more overripe fruit, they go around naked because {actually I don't know why they go around naked}). Why does the article say random untruths when the truth is in this case funnier?-- 11:58, November 7, 2009 (UTC)

Thank you for your suggestion! When you feel an article needs fixin', please feel obligated to make whatever changes you feel are needed, (even though they'll probably be reverted 5 seconds later). Uncyclopedia is a wiki, so almost anyone can edit almost any article by almost simply following the edit link almost at the top. You don't even need to log in in most cases! (Although there are some reasons why you might like to...) The Uncyclopedia Cabal encourages you to be italic. Don't worry too much about making honest mistakes—they're likely to be found and corrected quickly, and your 6 month ban will fly by faster than you think. If you're not sure how editing works, check out proper wiki formatting, or use the sandbox to try out your vandalizing skills. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 12:32, 7 November 2009
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