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Hello im starting to like rock n roll hii mollie hi this is mollie u need 2 freak off ya pervert ooaa ooaa im a monkey

my name is izzy stradlin mollie i love you !

jamie if your out there im going to be under your bed with a razor ready for when you go too sleep to shave your afro off! meow hey this is zinniaonoliveoilmeowica leeanns cat she was kissin dawson the the rolled of the bed and bumped their heads I think leeaan is secretly a man

well go ahead jamie and jump but i warn everyone around him that his afro will knock you down to the groud!

well go ahead leon and kiss dawson but i warn jamie will be jellouse and knock down dawson with his afro!

Jamies afro is so big i saw little people jumping out!! jamie my only daughter please if ur reading this please let Dr. Phil out of ur afro hes threatining 2 sew us WITH A NEEDLE other news Dr.Phil is now taking sewing lessons in jamies afro once a week

ok jamie if you want to try to get in your afro to talk to dr.phil then go right on ur a pervert caymen

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