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edit Time to whoop this page's ass into SHAPE, Mr. T style...

ok, time to get to work people...

This can be a great page, I know it. I've written everything up to Criticism part about ppl criticizing the Ivy League as exclusive, but so far I've only made fun of Brown and Harvard, which are the two school I know best. I'm gonna poke some fun at Princeton too, but I want ppl to ADD MORE STUFF! FUNNY STUFF! STUFF ABOUT CORNELL AND COLUMBIA AND UPENN AND ALL THE OTHER IVIES because I sure as hell can't think of anything funny to say about any of them. But Yale did give George Bush his degree, and that's pretty damn funny...

Whatever you do, don't delete my (or anyone else's) precious, precious work. It's my precious, and I'll be miffed if someone gets rid of what I got.

edit =============

those who can, do. those who cannot, go to princeton. those who cannot go to princeton, go to penn. the way; Cornell isn't an Ivie.

  • the way you're a dumbass as Cornell is Ivie, and Brown is the ivy turd.

edit New University inclusion

Would there be any objection if I put the University of Leicester in the Ivy League? In terms of random non-belonging, it'd work out more amusing than St. Andrews, and the page for it itself is among the more developed uncyclopedia university pages. Whoremonal 22:34, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

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