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edit Crappy disclaimer moved from top of article page

This article is an attempt by well-meaning White non-Muslim people to remove racial hatred from Uncyclopedia, in the hope that such removal will inspire a Muslim to write something really witty about Allah. This will replace "ignorant stereotyping" with "informed stereotyping." This project is a result of a discussion by some of these Whites at the Uncyclopedia:Village Dump. What was left after the discussion were a few stubs. Stubs are articles of one sentence and stuff. Which reminds me... When Muslims "remove" (read: steal) items, they are often sentenced by having appendages removed, leaving stubs. Unlike article stubs, these stubs cannot be "regrown".
If this project fails, the following Uncyclopedians will be beaten silly: User:David Gerard, User:Codeine, User:Toytoy, User:Jordanus, User:Mr. Television, and User:Famine.

If someone can do this in a way that doesn't suck, that would be fantastic for the article.

(And how dare you call me "White", sir. Just because I am easily sunburnt and have blue eyes and Nordic cheekbones does not make me "White" ... oh, ok, it probably does.) - David Gerard 15:59, 16 Oct 2005 (UTC)

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