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Guys. This sucks. Try to be funny; and to spell things correctly. Agreed. If it was funny or satirical or anything. Just daft really.

Yea very poor, I live here and was expecting something better than this, its called being funny stupid.

edit It's better now

why have some small kids gone through and added gay in front of everything and spelt it all wrong!!!....bastards!


edit Its TT

Guys, lets be frank. This place is just a floater in the middle of the ocean. Its TT at the minute, and aside from being deafened every twenty seconds, and flicking off every biker who doesn't indicate (C'mon guys, don't they do that in Germanland?), i'm not sure what the attraction is. The fair is shit, the strippers faces are melting in this heat, and youth crime has raised its game, with a green generator being stolen from the Grandstand yesterday. Quite frankly, I am bored as fuck.

O'shea-- "The Isle of Man is shit, boring and plain. Local news headline, "Man slips in the rain"." The preceding unsigned comment was added by ISLE OF FAGGOTS (talk • contribs)

Welcome! Everything you say may be true, but none of it is funnier than what's in the article right now. So browse around and have fun. Spıke Ѧ 15:08 5-Jun-13
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