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'h'oang is in the mang

edit zuppa zuppa muzzy..!


Assiktiiir ek$i de yazar olamadık ama sitede editör olduk resmen :D :D

trns: ooo fctrrr i kuldınt be raytır et ek$i bat iym editır et hiyır :D

eng: ooo fuckerr i couldn't be writer at ek$i but I'm editor at here

edit kekekekej


We can make it stronger, ,better, faster--Nytrospawn 22:00, 29 Sep 2005 (UTC)

edit add a belt holster

ahahah lol


the next mod should be connecting it to a car battery so it can last a while YEAH

edit Funny


What a great idea ... can't wait to see a similar hack for the shuffle ;)

edit Funny

Nice piece of cardboard taped to a hard drive. :P

I would like to clarify that it was *rubberbanded* to the drive. --Chronarion 03:13, 4 Oct 2005 (UTC)

edit Come on...

Anyone who is not colorblind can clearly see step 5's picture is horribly photoshopped. Who would connect a pin to a capacitor anyways?!?!?!

The only reason the Nano uses flash is because it requires much less power and voltage to operate compared to something with moving parts. The voltage output of the battery probably can't even make the motor in that maxtor spin.

\|/ <-- Fuck You
| |

edit BlondeITGirl says 'watch that solder mister'

Many thanks for the handy tip.. I did my Nano last night and must say the fun alone of getting inside the workings is worth doing !! rar rar what.. Thanks to you I can now listen to ALL 4.2 gig of my music without having to make that all so tricky decision on which albums to leave out, phew !!. Unfortunately I got one of my nails stuck while soldering and set free the Nano display, hee hee.. but all to my advantage once I soldered a spare 14 inch flat screen to it... oh yeah baby, now it has space and really big letters ! so I don’t need to put it so close to my face when selecting a song..

What a smashing idea hmmm - But then again I might opt for somthing like this do it yourself MP3 player Darran

Please note the 14 inch monitor attachment will reduce the playing time of the battery too, but hey !!! its so worth it...

Keep up the good work

edit nice idea

but I wouldn't trust my music to maxtor this year :p

edit Funny, but not real

Very entertaining, but I recognized the pics from this *real* "disassembly" of the Nano.

Hilariously they linked to us on their front page.

edit News coverage

This story was reported as fact on TUAW, and I think others too. Nice work. --Paulgb Talk 17:35, 5 Oct 2005 (UTC)

edit Currently #2 on Google Desktop "What's Hot" Channel

Google desktop rocks! This page is currently the #2 link.

edit I did it but I burned my leg

I tried to do this, but the hard drive got so hot it burned my leg. and the drive had so much gyroscopic force that it threw me off my bicycle. I just downloaded my pants. Very Funny! !

edit My brother's iPod cried when it saw this

It's true. --Bleachie Icons-flag-us talc 01:59, 23 May 2006 (UTC)

edit This article is informational

It's almost too informational. To the point that, when I showed my sister the article, I found her banging away at her iPod with a screwdriver. I asked her what the bloody hell she was doing, and she mentioned this.

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