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it's "Heute die Welt, morgen das Sonnensystem" if am wrong and you did that on purpose than sry ;-) btw: am from germany and i've read those great books so: "Heil Diskordia" and hf

edit On the Founders of the Order

There's great controversy regarding Latin American singer, Diego Torres, involvement in the foundation of the Illuminati. I suggest that further research on the origin of the picture illustrated in the article should be undergone. Adiós, Rosa

My god, a bigfoot! Fnord.

I didn't know bigfeet frequented the Illuminati page.

Not bigfeet, bigfoots, only one of their feet is abnormally large, the other is about size 9.

Loch Ness MOnster!~!!!!!

edit Diego Torres an Illuminati?? :D

I´m proud that one of my fellows compatriots is a founder of this "religion/sect/bunch-o´geeks/you-name-it". :P

This Latin American Singer and Actor it´s pretty well known in Argentina for being a Kitten Trader for Huffing. Reading this article almost cost me my job. So, try to be less funny. ;)


Bigfoot sighting! By Allah's beard, we are truly blessed.

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