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Famous Hungarians

Hey, what about Speak, the Hungarian fucker?

hungarian people

Zha Zha Gabor is a great person to have on the hungarian people list. also hungarian men are similar in stature to gipsies. short hairy and wearing red speedos. (oh dear God will I never get the image of my great uncle in his speedo out of my mind?)

The hungarians I have seen are tall, with blond hair and blue or green eyes like german or english people, so what are you talking about?

I am Hungarian


Szia! I just finished spending a month studying at Zrini Miklos Univeristy in Budapest. -- Sf13 Upsilonsigmasigmacrest 22:17 EST 28 July, 2010

The debate in the Hungary about the bilingv writing.

Hey i got a funny ideea. The ideea is: There is a debate among the people of Hungry about the bilingv writing on information plates on the highway. The writing on the directions plates is in Hungarian and Maghyar.

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