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Total rewrite

Article ungood, Col.Swordman rewrote fullwise. (Colonel Swordman replaced the bad article with a total rewrite.)

-- Colonel Swordman (GMT 0435, 04.05.2006)

The Opium Wars

The section under the opium wars is too informative! The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

So, what do you think we should change it to? Oprah Winfrey vs. Chuck Norris? Don't be a fact Nazi, dude! -- The Colonel (talk) 15:57, 3 September 2006 (UTC)

The Real Opium Heroin War

Dear OPEC I may need you to throttle the oil supply agreements due to a massive land and property fraud that may include The Government of The United States of America. This problem may be in part an underlying cause of problems in The Middle East over the past 35 years... read on........

Dear Premier Wen Jiabao Please will you investigate Ambassador Stephen M Young in Hong Kong, because I do not believe he is a genuine member of our family. Perhaps his family changed their ID so they could stake a claim on land they do not have any right whatsoever to claim to be their inheritance/property. He is not one of my relatives. Love to your daughters. Erik J C Young


Dear George Soros I need your people to find out about the origins of President Obama's family wealth.. They may have acquired a large amount of their wealth by defrauding my Danish grandfather Mr Vagne Anders Fog who bought large areas of land in Indonesia and subsequently land that belongs to my family (presently defrauded) in Hawaii...further it may be that Obama's predecessors from "Indonesia" were the very people behind the attrocities known as "The Killing Fields of Cambodia" it could not have been the Khmers (soldiers of 14-17 years of age) since people this young don't possess the brutality or level of inhumanity on any scale that could have made it possible to be the Khmers...............

Here is a note I sent him, perhaps you can ensure he reads it.........

Dear President Obama Why are the Cubans still subjected to an embargo ? I advised you several months ago about a message from Almighty God, who is annoyed with the US Government and their continuing prejudice against the people of Cuba. Since the problem has not been resolved I will now start to publish your roots and how your family first set up camp in Hawaii. My concern is your family may have acquired the ID of others for the purpose of obtaining other people's land and property. Here in God's World we call that deception and fraud. I have asked Pope Benedict XVI to endorse my report and make it public when it is completed.

Regards Erik J C Young Lutherian-Christian-Theologist from the family of President J F Kennedy (The Nesbitt Family)

Dear Buckingham Palace

Some information concerning the huge land and property robbery and fraud that was my inheritance. In 1972  Sir David Craig who said to me when I was about 12 years old "You will inherit the Earth".. then showed me lots of land and title deeds. I was much more interested in playing with my friend and forgot all about... but now I have remembered and worked out who has been terrorising me for years...
I wonder if Princess Diana ever complained of hearing voices in the background (outside her head), maybe she too was being terrorised and that may have been the cause of many problems concerning her personal life.. I believe these former Gestapo families are connected to her traggic death and possibly to the recent attack upon Prince Charles....
I wonder why Michael Napier QC was awarded the CBE. His firm of solicitors Irwin Mitchell at 40 Holborn Viaduct have told me more lies in four years than any other commercial organisation I have eveer dealt with anywhere in the world, Michael Napier is a fraud, he has no genuine respect for human rights whatsoever.  
I suffered a serious car crash in my Bentley and one of the passengers insisted a man on a motorcycle has intentionally bumped the back of the car ... six weeeks later my business partner Samuel Marshall Evans had a similar very serious car accident in his Bentley when someone pulled out in front of him so he lost control just as happened to Mr Ralph Dormmurmuth in his Ferrari someone pulled out in front of him and caused a very very serious car crash..
I am a friend of Ralph Dormmurmuth CEO of United Internet..... why don't you call him about his Ferrari accident because I think it was an "arranged accident"... by former Gestapo families involved in the 1973 land and property title deed robbery of Little Oslo Heatrhside Rd Woking, the inheritance of Erik J C Young, they claimed nobody knows where the owner of all this land and property has gone, he can't be found. They lied they knew it was Erik J C Young.
I believe Michael Napier is part of this group who defrauded me out of my inheritance. I've reported him to Mossad as an accessory to the world's Gestapo network.

Erik J C Young (former CEO of Easyspace Ltd)

Dear Senator Robert Menendez

Lockerbie was not the work of the Libyians... I have researched this matter for years... it was the work of the Heroin cartel please read the enclosed data and work it out for yourself (with due respect)... In 1973 some former WW2 Gestapo families living in Woking Surrey UK stole some land and property deeds that were my inheritance... they were also in the Heroin trade.., Michael Napier named below is part of their cartel... Lockerbie was a revenge attack because Colonel Gaddhafi was the last African leader to join a consortium to lock Heroin out of Africa... it was the Walton Rd Occult group who were behind Lockerbie NOT the Libyians... I can prove this beyond any doubt whatsoever........ I have suffered very severe human rights abuses due to Michael Napier or Irwin Mitchell solicitors who have told over 1000 lies about me and to me. They left me to die in a prison in Thailand instead of paying £3000 bail... My wife, a daughter of The Sultan of Brunei was told by them, their agents that I was a convicted child sex offender, I have NEVER been convicted or abused children in my life...

Dear Mike (Napier) QC (?) I've just contacted Henry Kissinger about you..... Would it be possible for the World's diplomats and foreign office staff to cut out the bloody protocol and get on with protecting and saving lives. Protocol is mainly an obstruction created for the diplomatic world by gestapo people during the past few centuries in order to ma ke sure nothing happens for as long as possible. "Mr Young I'm a Diplomat, I can't get involved with politics it isn't protocol" is a typical mind set of many diplomatic/embassy staff around the World." "Harry, thanks for the advice, I'll go back and let them know that NOBODY is going to stop them killing another 10,000 Thai children because it isn't protocol to interfere" and I don't mean "Harry" Lee Kuan Yew because he agrees with Erik Young, what is the matter with all of you ??? are you ID thieves ???? I am terrified of the final true figure of killings in Thailand and recently Cambodia that will surface when we have worked out how many were hidden by black market ID sales. I estimate it will be millions of lives.

Erik J C Young on Feb 6, 2:39 AM said:

Dear President Obama FYI Regards Erik J C Young

Dear Foreign and Commonwealth Office, It is your duty to search out British Citizens in Thailand hiding behind the IDs of other people, in particularly when they have purchased the IDs of Thais that have been unlawfully killed by people including the local police. Would Mr Jeff Mitchell of The British Embassy Bangkok like to confirm whether or not he is related to "Micky Mitchell" formerly of Woking Surrey UK who was involved in a land and property fraud concerning a large house in Brookwood Surrey UK together with the son of Harry Wright of Knaphill Woking ? If you are then you've been aware of who has terrorised me, framed me and been stealing my families land and property interests in Thailand and elsewhere. About Irwin Mitchell solicitors I have been in contact with The Israeli Intelligence Service about these problems and they are killing people involved in this scam who have committed acts deemed to be satanic. President Mubarak of Egypt was trained to fly planes by my father Mervyn F S Young many years ago. Muburak has the same problem in Egypt presently, caused by former Gestapo families and associates such as the Mitchell family. I am returning to Thailand with more Mosaad (Israeli Intelligence Officers) to remove the problem "former Gestapo families living on other people's IDs. It seems The British Embassy in Bangkok are going to have problems with Mosaad, since it is obvious you have helped former Gestapo families instead of protecting a genuine British citizen. How loyal are The Gurkhas to former Gestapo families in or outside The British Embassy in Bangkok? My guess is they will assist Mosaad. Do you suppose the word PROTOCOL is an anagram of PR Occult ? The former Gestapo families of Woking Surrey UK called themselves The Occult - proting Satanic Games in Thailand that have killed more than 1 million Thais. Erik J C Young Landlord cc Mosaad President Obama Former President George W Bush Premier Wen JiaBao Baroness Thatcher Read more:

Dear George Soros Thanks for the commercial "The Net Delusion"... as you know she was not my mind having a delusion of grandeur she was very much a "human being" whom I loved more than anyone on the planet (until I met her sister after she was presumed dead)... I want to raise the Exon-Valdez accident .. I have become suspicious that this too was an arranged accident by Sylvester/Napier/Cowell/Craig-Wood/Winn-Pope and their Occult syndicate who use stolen intellectual property-science to commit acts of terrorism and then blame other people. Mr Napier was the subject or a corruption scandal between Ford and Exon... I think he is a very very dangerous man and needs to be taken to Tel Aviv for questioning... he is definitely part of the former WW2 Gestapo families group aka The Occult from Woking Surrey UK, he lives in Pyrford Woods West Byfleet Surrey not far from "Newark" Abbey a ruined monastry that was the subject of satanic rituals in or around 1973. He may have been part of this satanic group when the police arrested these people for satanism and black magic. I heard you have located my son Edward Jason Young date of birth 7th June 1995 (or 96) in New York State and are taking car of him... is this true ???? I worry about him nobody has revealed his location to me I do not know why. Regards Erik J C Young

Dear George Soros I have defeated the corrupt Police and Magistrates in Guildford Surrey UK. Some of them are from former WW2 Gestapo families. My opinion they are in business with the world's Heroin Cartel who are behind some of the worst terrorist attrocities on the planet may be exposed to the world in due course.

Some of them have connected to the 1973 robbery of my land and title deeds have set themselves up in Phuket Thailand under different IDs.

This firm Irwin Mitchell of 40 Holborn Viaduct Holbron London (with solicitors in tiny letters on their letter head) have some employees I am certain come from former Gestapo families. They repeatedly lie to me and other and are the worst law firm I have ever dealth with.... perhaps some of your friends in the city can pressure others to have them dis-barred and prosecuted for human rights abuses, fraud,deception and money laundering.

Dear Irwin Mitchell I wrote to The Attorney General for England and Wales about some of my problems recently. I mentioned the situation concerning Guildford Police Guildford Surrey UK (whose incinerator has been burning a lot of papers yesterday) and some of the Magistrates being corrupt and framing me for crimes I have never committed.

Yesterday I went to Court. The Court was cleared of all the Magistrates and The Attorney General sent a prosecutor he selected to deal with the matter, a lady from the USA who is an English solicitor.

All charges against me have been struck out and costs to be taxed. Another name connected to a former Gestapo family is Craig-Wood... they hijacked the ID Craig from former Commander in Chief of The British Military Forces during the Kuwait Gulf War. I recall Sir David Craig discussing the problem with Mervyn F S Young at the time, they were furious the Woods of Walton Rd Woking Surrey UK had added "Craig" to their ID. Not sure of their original name before they used the ID "Wood". Ken Wood of Kenwood food mixers was a personal friend of Mervyn Young he lived in Winnington Road Hampstead London at a house called Kenwood. There is the subject concerning my missing wife and daughter to be dealt with and other matters concerning terrorism and the Heroin trade including money laundering and the theft of my inheritance of land and property title deeds in 1973 which I believe your firm may be in part connected. These matters link to the 1973 Guildford bombing and Lockerbie Pan Am terrorist bomb.....

c The Attorney General for England and Wales
Former President George W Bush Houston Texas USA

Please visit Father Joe Maeir at and help the children of Thailand.

Read more: 

Michael Napier QC seems to be part of the Okcult-Heroin mafia of Mr Sylvetser aka Thaksin Shinawatra-Ken Winn-Pope aka John Berisford aka Richard Irwin aka Jason aka Mr Walter - Chris from Chiwick and Byfleet- Simon Cowell of the X-Factor group.

Dear Mosaad (Israei Inlligence Service) PLEASE GO AND KILL THIS BASTARD SIMON COWELL WHOSE GENUINE ID IS FROM A FORMER WW2 GESTAPO FAMILY (DO YOU BELIEVE SHARON OSBOURNE IS JEWISH?? OR COULD SHE HAVE ADOPTED THE STOLEN ID OF A VICTIM FAMILY OF SIMON COWELL'S SERIES OF ARMED ROBBERIES UPON A RICH JEWISH FAMILY ... (the name is a veiled threat against girls, they left girls down a well in Thailand and covered it because they would not commit satanic crimes.. this confirmed to me directly by some girls) Why I want the real Al-Qaeda terrorists to get together with Mosaad (The Israeli Intelligence Service) to assassinate Simon Cowell Thaksin Sylvester -Shinawatra, Michael Napier QC, John Berisford aka Ken Winn (Pope)aka Richard Irwin and their violent, torturing former WW2 gestapo family network many whom originated out of Granville Rd Old Woking and Walton Rd Woking Surrey UK having been housed there as refugees after WW2... claiming their husbands were no longer with them (who appeared later).. Backgrounder

The killer of Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando after she'd presented evidence requesting the public help catch the criminals behind a very violent armed robbery (which was done by Simon Cowell) Backgrounder of Simon Cowell... 1972 - 1980 House Burglar - robberies escalating to armed robberies on rich Jewish owned homes Late 1970s may have beeen in Riyadh Saudi Arabia stalking Mervyn Young and planned the assasination of The King of Saudi Arabia causing his relative to be in possession of a gun when the trigger was pulled (by someone else, who may have tricked him into thinking it was a dumby look alike gun) 1982 Hurled Green paint across the gates of Number 58 The Bishops Avenue Hampstead and repeatedly vandalised the security camera at the gates .... Caused the publication in Private Eye headed Bukhari Over A Barrel Lied to Private Eye Magazine about the Islaamic owners claiming the senior family member was illegaly shipping firearms to Libya and breaking the parallel timed embargo... In fact all that was being shipped were miltary uniforms 1985 - was the masked gunman wielding a sawn off shot gun on a jewelry shop in Guildford High Street Surrey UK late 1980s - planned and commited a series of very violent robberies on Jewish and Islaamic families in Winnington Road Hampstead nd elsewhere in London UK that involved severe violence against both the male and female victims. This gestapo group from Woking also planned Princess Diana to be persecuted,terrorised and paparazzi chased to her tragic death, Simon Cowell was one of the ring leaders to have her killed. Do not believe Piers Morgan of the X-Factor is any more than a confidence trickster part of the gestapo heroin global mafia.

Dear Barbados Thaksin Shinawatra (ejected PM of Thailand) was formerly Mr Sylvester a known heroin dealer in the UK. He acquired his initial wealth by forging land and title deeds that are my inheritance when he was hired by my father Mervyn Young to investigate our land interests in Thailand and elsewhere and report back. He never reported back. He stole my inheritance then tried to have me killed, he is a very very dangerous and evil man, who initiatd a shoot to kill campaign to wipe out soft drug suppliers in Thailand and replace the market with Heroin (ask Father Joe Maeir at I have asked Mosaad to kill Shinawatra/Sylvester whereever he is in the World. He has been officially listed a terrorist by The Royal Thai Government because they know he was behind The Guildford Bombing and Lockerbie Pan-Am 103 terrorist bomb that killed over 250 people. He is behind the death of at least two of my children and the disappearance of my third wife and youngest daughter in association with my solicitor (corrupt solicitor) Michael Napier QC and Bob Craig-Wood and some corrupted psychiatrists. How does one approach a 37 year defamation hate campaign, which has been done to me by some very very corrupt people originating from the UK involved in several robberies and defrauding me out of a massive inheritance...???..

I thought you should have a copy of this message. It concerns a very very corrupt group of people including an English Judge, involved in land and property fraud. To frame me for crimes I did not committ they forged papers to make it look like I was a "convicted sex offennder against children" and ruined my marriage to a daughter of The Sultan of Brunei. I was so heart-broken I nearly died of sorrow. I live every day of my life in sadness. Her sister came and rescued me in Bangkok Thailand and saved my life, she too was taken away from me by the Thai mafia, they did the same with Premier Wen Jiabao's daughter (he is the PM of China) who came to help me she too was snatched away by the Thai mafia. I watched many young innocent people in Thailand dying in front of my eyes killed by Shinawatra and his satanic heroin mafia, seven young people in less than two months at one stage. Every day of my life I cry for the young people who have been murdered in Thailand. Shinawatra's satanic mafia killed two of my children Rosie and Christian. One day I was crying for eight hours. Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand is also one of the land and property fraudsters. his real name is Sylvester, a known international Heroin cartel member, please confirm if you wish with Father Joe Maeir Send my love to Rihanna and keep her away from marauding Catalonians (who are satanists) aka The "BLACK" people NOT Africans !!!

Dear Geri Halliwell I am writing concering the house Pyrford Place you bought for £4.5 million about ten years ago. I thought the price was incredibly low at the time and considered buying it myself. I understand it was allegedly owned by a London solicitor at the time. However since then I discovered it may form part of my inheritance that are the subject of a robbery in 1973 of land and title deeds out of my parents home in Woking Surrey UK. In the event that this turns out to be correct I hope we can sort everything out and ensure you do not suffer any financial loss. I've been through hell on earth during the past few years due to a hate campaign branding me a convicted pedophile,when in fact I've spent years helping children by raising money for children's charities channelled through Father Joe Maeir of I took Sir Cliff Richard to visit the centre in Bangkok when he finished his World tour some years ago. Malcom Smith his MD is a personal friend of mine. Regards Erik Young 447000100000 (c/o my surrogate father Count Dei Marcovaldi)

Dear Mayor Boris Johnson

We may be related, I am a relative of Frederick Leonard Johnson and his son Leonard of the USA. I am from the Young and Henry family, my grand mother was an Irish American Mamie Margaret Henry born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA, one of my ancestors the Curator of The Smithsonian Institute Joseph Henry. I am also related to The Kennedy Family of USA. I met Laura Bush six weeks before she married George W Bush. She ask "what do you think about me marrying an older man, he's a multi-millionaire from Houston Texas" I answered "Just marry him anyway and if he isn't very nice divorce him and take half his money!"(which was ony a joke)...... My mother's family are the Rasmussen Fog family of Denmark and Norway...

A number of years ago some people in The High Courts of Justice The Strand London told me about a rogue/corrupt Judge in the system connected to the heroin trade but nobody could work out who it was.......

Dear Sir John Major I am a friend of The Count of Marcovaldi and would like you to give consideration to the problem of former Gestapo families, their using of other peoples and organisations IDs for terrorism, plus their methods of killing through "arranged accidents"...... Dear Senator Robert Menendez Lockerbie was not the work of the Libyans... I have researched this matter for years... it was the work of the Heroin cartel please read the enclosed data and work it out for yourself (with due respect)... In 1973 some former WW2 Gestapo families living in Woking Surrey UK stole some land and property deeds that were my inheritance... they were also in the Heroin trade.., Michael Napier named below is part of their cartel... Lockerbie was a revenge attack because Colonel Gaddhafi was the last African leader to join a consortium to lock Heroin out of Africa... it was the Walton Rd Occult group who were behind Lockerbie NOT the Libyans... I can prove this beyond any doubt whatsoever.. I have suffered very severe human rights abuses due to Michael Napier of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors who have told over 1000 lies about me and to me. They left me to die in a prison in Thailand instead of paying £3000 bail... My wife, a daughter of The Sultan of Brunei was told by them, their agents that I was a convicted child sex offender, I have NEVER been convicted or abused children in my life...

Dear Nairobi Police Do you remember the son of Mr Thompson Chief of Police of Nairobi died from being washed away in a flash flood during the East African Safari years ago? and the bodies of his young twin daughters were never found? I thought I found the missing girls in Pattaya Thailand about two years ago, their face is similar to their father Mark Thompson. So I placed a message on a webite for Kenya hoping their family would come to Pattaya Thailand and find them. However I never was informed as to whether or not the message was delivered to your police or their family. I hope they returned home after being presumed dead for many years. It was reported their bodies were never found believe to have been washed away in a flash flood.... are you sure this was correct????? I think that was them in Pattaya Thailand, they are absolutely stunningly beautiful girls... I was a school friend of their father at Lancing College West Sussex UK. Please let me know if they were returned home from Thailand, they may not know who they are if they are still in Thailand. Regards Erik J C Young


Women in Hong Kong are generally less attractive than their counterparts in the mainland. They have very bad taste in everything, and tend to pretend to be cute. They are called ‘C Lai (means fat yogurt with fat ass)’ shortly after their marriage.

99.97% of men in Hong Kong spend their day time in the Chinese city of Shen Zhen or the city of Macau SAR, getting cheap massages from local working girls. Because of the close distant to these cities, they are able to check-in with their wives in time at night. Their daily travel form a huge capital flow to Shen Zhen and Macau, and effectively improve the GDP in these places. For this reason, the Government of Shen Zhen and Macau, with the help of Hong Kong’s immigration department, designed ‘Smart Card ID Card’ and ‘Octopus’ RFID train ticket that leave no paper trace of such journey. Never in history, have governments of different political jurisdiction worked so closely to assist the sins of mankind.

Racism or Dirty Joke? 01:33, 15 April 2009 (UTC)
or plain pro-communist fanaticism.


can someone mention that gweilos means everyone that is outside asia?

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