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Since homos are parrots, they're probably guilty of the sin of Onan, spilling their seed on the ground. That should be in there.

Ian handvill is also a homo

HOMOSEXUALS ARE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are not!

Homosexuals are NOT gay, that is a common misconception, all gays are homosexuals however, also, a beaver CAN be bird

Gays are gay

Gays and homos are always getting mixed up. Let me reassure you that homosexuals are not gay, and infact gays are gay! However, gays are immediatly homosexuals.

How to spot 'em

Article should also include a section on how to spot the real kind of homosexuals, suggestions:

staunch buttocks and thighs

ability to wear shirts without pictures or words on them

inability to join in with heterosexual male bonding exercises such as arse slapping and cross-dressing. Although said homosexuals may watch from afar using their peripheral vision but will still be unable to join

ability to emotionally connect with women

ability to understand subtlety and nuance in things such as furniture

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