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Since homos are parrots, they're probably guilty of the sin of Onan, spilling their seed on the ground. That should be in there.

Ian handvill is also a homo

HOMOSEXUALS ARE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit They are not!

Homosexuals are NOT gay, that is a common misconception, all gays are homosexuals however, also, a beaver CAN be bird

edit Gays are gay

Gays and homos are always getting mixed up. Let me reassure you that homosexuals are not gay, and infact gays are gay! However, gays are immediatly homosexuals.

edit How to spot 'em

Article should also include a section on how to spot the real kind of homosexuals, suggestions:

staunch buttocks and thighs

ability to wear shirts without pictures or words on them

inability to join in with heterosexual male bonding exercises such as arse slapping and cross-dressing. Although said homosexuals may watch from afar using their peripheral vision but will still be unable to join

ability to emotionally connect with women

ability to understand subtlety and nuance in things such as furniture

edit Broken / Misleading link

I clicked the link called "My Preferences" at the top of the page and it didn't lead to a menu where I could select my sexual preferences. Needs to be fixed.

edit Homosexuals in combat

There is no mention here of homosexuals in combat. I refer you to two historical documents on the matter:

1. King Leonar... Lenardi... that Spartan fellow with the beard who had 300 totally ripped men with him, well, he said to the Persian diplomat dude, "even the boy loving Athenian philosophers have turned you down" which means the Athenians were boy lovers and good fighters. But then again, Athena is a female Goddess of War and Wisdom (philosophy), so her female priests and warriors were the boy lovers King Lana... Ledar... Gerard Butler was talking about, making them the worst kind of homosexual - a straight one. But it is a good point, from which we can see the Athenian hetero-homo chick warriors prove the existence of Justin Bieber. I think I have made my point.

2. And the other one was that fat guy who died at the end of Star Wars. The first one. I mean the fourth one. I mean the 1977 one. He couldn't pull up because he was weighed down with guilt and his X-Wing just plummeted into the Death Star with a big splat. Not convinced? Later, when they cleaned out his locked, they found a CD by the Village People and a small robot whose only task was differentiaiteing between a kind of "bluey/green" colour and teal. I rest my case.

So we can see that in the realms of hand to hand (or hand to penis combat as the Athenian chicks used to giggle and joke about while they blushed like school girls - before cutting your head off), or Starfighter vs Death Star combat, homo-heteros, or fat men with a appreciation for subtle colour differences just cannot be trusted.

So I can now state conclusively, having proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt - keep the gays out of the military. Hey ho, they won't know.

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