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OK, after much stinking thinking I find that the bulk of this article was written to mock and deride the 12-year-old skank-boy use of "homo" as derogatory gay-hating slang. Therefore the insertion of undescended-testicle skank-boy "jokes" about "anus of altarboy" and bathhouses and feces runs counter to the rest of the article. So I edited them out.

There are plenty of places on Uncyclopedia where people like Jaysandkays can write pre-adolescent homophobic insults. The Homo article is not the place for them. This article points out -- at boringly elaborate length -- that a 12-year-old's characterization of "homo" as a terrible insult is silly as sucking sheep shit in a sandstorm. So, you 12-year-olds, lets just leave them out of the article, shall we? ----OEJ 20:05, 27 January 2006 (UTC)

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