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This article was nominated for deletion on September 26, 2008.
The result of the discussion was Keep.

edit Article tidy up

This article is like an overgrown garden with a few rotting corpses dumped in it. It was once quite polished and concise, but now some unfunny illiterate twats have just been writing any old "Mrs. XYZ at my school is a spastic lesbian homeless asylum seeking paedophile" or such like bollocks. I'm not whinging too much about spelling and grammar and stuff, that's sort of part of a running joke in the article, though much of it makes no sense and is painful to read.

I'll see how much I can do but feel free to pull up a few weeds and chuck out some of the corpses the spackmouthed mongbrained cretins have dumped here. --Billsheppard 12:19, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

edit The distruction of Wycombe

This is so funny, it's near enough true. I hate Wycombe and unfortunately I'm one of nearly a couple thousand who have to go to university here. I say we all pitch in 20p each for lighters and kerosene and burn the motherfucker down...who's with me?

ME!!!! I'M WITH YAH!!!! I hate this dump too, but I've had to live here since I was four (I'm now 15), I'm gonna need therapy when I get out of here. Fucking shit hole has literaly screwed me up, I hate to be one of the poor buggers who were actually born in hell…oh, sorry I mean Wycombe.

I should count myself lucky where I live in Wycombe. Its not as much of a sh**hole as depicted on here

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