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edit This article is bullshit

I say we go on the angle that the article is describing the X-men as in it's a rip off of it.

I already have a sexy image made for it. -- Gay2.gifCartoonDiabloGay2.gif


edit Expectancy

Have to say kudos and good job but yeah could anyone say X-Men without latex :S. FINALLY!!! Read the Charactors that didn't make the plot and the line with Chuck Norris not being funny I'd agree (get like Arnold with power to speak euro or maybe Undertaker who just looks dead)! A lot of random Chuck Norris jokes been pulled too much but he's just not emo enough to be on show.

End criticism I remark show as Emo+X-Men= E-MEN. --Jacitb 05:38, 4 December 2007 (UTC)

edit From Pee Review

It needs help. Or possibly euthenasia.

Humour: 7 Not hilarious, but no major problems.
Concept: 6 Superheroes are always fun to parody, but this article doesn't seem to use the genre to its full potential.
Prose and formatting: 8 Formatting excellent, prose merely ok.
Images: 6 Couple of fairly good ones, but you could do so much more!
Miscellaneous: 3 Fairly large disconnect with the actual show becomes annoying.
Final Score: 30 No huge issues with this, and plenty of easy improvement potential. Remember that it's a show about superheroes! Good luck.
Reviewer: LLBean

edit Heroes wiki

I think the communty of heroes must be abused and raped mentally cause this guys back at wiki are all bunch of morons i mean they are completely nitty piccky and oblivious of what is in front of them they always need the Word of God.

  • Fuck you. Yes we do understand it's bullshit. Thank God it's over.
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