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edit Original version

Heresy is a popular disco dance move, involving multiple dancers doing thrusting movement of their pelvic regions repeatedly in a single-file line to the beat of the music or song. Many amateurs have injured themselves while attempting this legendary style of dance.

The Heresy was invented by Donald Trump in the 1970s, during the height of the Conservative Disco Cult's popularity. Trump waited outside a boyscout meeting to abduct a young boy. While Trump had his way with the boy, he thought, why not make a dance move out of his favorite thing to do?

The Heresy was an instantly famous dance move that spread across the western coast within a week. In disco clubs and temples throughout the land, people were girating constantly; many of the times, the dancer found themselves with a shattered pelvis by the end of the night and a sore colon.

The Heresy was banned in 1992, along with all other disco dances, cults and factions and is now considered a first degree felony.

edit A New Beginning

Hey, Mr. IP address, sorry I completely blew your version away. I'd been working on my version for a couple of days, though, and (naturally) I think it's better. Your version has nothing whatsoever to do with heresy, and frankly, you could take what you wrote and stick it just about anywhere. In Uncyclopedia, I mean. So that's what I recommend if you want to keep your content alive somewhere.--Ahmed the Jewess 00:00, 6 May 2005 (EDT)

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