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I think the author should run for a seat on the Council and get him/herself installed as Leader. This is a far better PR job to attract businesses to Hereford than anything previously cobbled together by the current crop of crippletastic cretins.

PS - I went to the school now known as 'the Academy' and received a great educashun.

Why isn't St Mary's there? It's the only Catholic school in Herefordshire with a science teacher, and even has maps showing the whole of Germany hung up in Geography. 09:33, September 12, 2009 (UTC).

Ah , a history that excludes the right to shoot Welshman with a Bow narrow at the Cathedral,

Makes no mention of the Booth Hall, where slappers got there daily dose at upstairs, and of course famously the only town in Britain, wherein one of the best pubs was moved up a hill to become a cafe Bizarre,

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