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who the hell is "William Kelton"? And who cares? Nevermind, I guess I don't.-- 19:17, 6 October 2006 (UTC)

That's because it is indeed sad, but true... Seriously.

Whoa dude. This was all a bit serious?

Just so you know, "Hamiltron, City of the Future" is the fond nickname of Hamilton, New Zealand. It is in common use by university students there.

Hamilton is that city in New Zealand that everyone has driven through, but no one has actually stopped there. The joke is that as every city has to have a 'buy-line', Hamilton used to be called 'Hamilton - Where It's Happening'. But some tourist got upset because they went there and felt deceived. They were surprised to find that Hamilton wasn't actually happpening at all. So the city council spent thousands of dollars and decided to change Hamilton's buy-line.

While the decision-making process was going on, the university community petitioned the city council to take on the adage 'Hamiltron, City of the Future'. Unfortunately this idea was rubbished.

Can you guess what they eventually decided on...?

Hamilton - More Than You Expect.

Any city with a statue of Riff-Raff has to have a couple of cool points, even if it's a cowtown with chainsaw-toting rugby cheerleaders.

..I live here and that "More Than You Might Expect" line is the shittiest, self loathing, tag ever. Why cant we have just changed it to, Horny Hamilton? Everyone knows there is more creamy cooze here than you can shake a stick (or whatever) at.

it's actually now HamiltON

I heard it was "Hamilton, Only an hour and a half from somewhere decent", Prior to "Hamilton, We have a nice bus stop" Prior to "Warning: Hamilton approaching" Prior to "Hamilton: It's the best we can do"

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