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May I suggest circling some of the faces in the photo? -- Simsilikesims(♀GUN) Talk here. 23:10, November 9, 2013 (UTC)

I don't have or know how to work the programs where you can make your own drawings and upload them. I've never done that, and have no idea how. But the guidebook gives pretty good instructions, and once you find and/or see one of the faces the rest are easier. At least two of them, JFK and Bevel, pop out. King is very apparent if you just look for the hair and eyes behind the white clouds in the upper right, and once you have the dimension by grabbing one feature the rest of the face comes into focus. That's how our brains work, they see faces in everything if we let them. A survival mechanism, we have to be able to pick out the predator's face hiding in the foliage so we have enough escape room. So cloud faces are sometimes very apparent. And this picture has them aplenty, and all the ones I've pointed out can arguably, if someone sees them, be the person I've identified. I really like how JFK is holding out his left hand in a thumbs up sign. Anyway, keep trying, I'm not punking anyone with this, they are all very apparent once you see them. I can't look at the picture now without seeing each and every one of them, and it's like a great painting: the icons, creators, and major supporter (in the case of JFK) of the voting rights movement, looking down upon the marchers marching from Selma to Montgomery. I bet there's a few more of them in there, and I'd like some of the women from the suffrage movement to shake a leg and get in the pic. Entertainment at its finest. Aleister a few hours later
20091229235207!AlicePaul 1901

Be on the lookout for Alice Paul

edit Observer1 pic


Observer1 at ATS put this pic together. He's lowered the light and picked up a woman I haven't seen, and his Douglass (can't quite make it out) are "new to the literature". His King is part of the "Douglass" I see, but neither one of ours quite does it. He then picks up part of the Bevel face (his face marked "A"), which still looks very good in the lowered light. The woman who may be glancing down at the marchers although her face is pointed off to her left, is fairly clear and detailed - that's a new one whoever it is, and is well framed and presented. Aleister 12:32 18-12-13

Right where you (this open letter is specifically to Observer1, and I'll add it to the ATS thread as well) are reading the facial structure out as King, that's an area I've never looked at before (EDIT: never looked at that tiny area in zoom). I'm now getting, in the same structure, Abe Lincoln, with the top hat, and in one good angle he has his back turned but not in an angry way, as if he's talking or listening to someone. It'll be fun when that one is seen by others (zoom is your friend). The sideways profile of King, is that where you are looking? For your Frederick Douglass, it's a good likeness, better than mine. I thought it looked like James Orange, and that would be very appropriate if some old picture of him surfaces, I saw him in person and it seems to be him. No reason it can't be both from slightly, very slightly, read-outs of the images. But you know what? Just behind and above to our left in your Frederick Douglass blow-up, I'm seeing Lyndon Johnson. Big ears, high forehead, looking to his left at the marchers. I wonder if your woman will turn out to be Alice Paul, that'd be cool. Your unnamed fellow in A is a spitting image of Bevel as I knew him in the '80s, at least in my memory. And all it this is just a matter of seeing what's there in some form and then describing where it is. Then, if others spot within the atmospheric conditions in the photograph, conditions which existed for only that exact moment and at that exact angle where the photographer took the picture (some of those clouds seem to be the kind that were either moving very fast or at least medium fast. I don't know the weather conditions aside from the picture) then that's interesting. So, to me, your circled areas in which you see King and Douglass, I'm getting a look at them as well as also seeing Abe Lincoln with his tophat and Lyndon Johnson standing right behind the images you see. As I said before, that's entertainment! (and zoom is your friend). Aleister 19:01 18-12-13 (edit at 19:21 18-12-13)
At 300 percent zoom I'm now seeing in your "B", among many other faces and images, the angle you call Dr. King. And yes, spotted him, nice work. It's about as good, once you get hold of it, as the King I found, although that one is almost of photographic quality. Observer1 made some good discoveries with those observations, no and all puns intended. Aleister 22:15 28-12-13

edit another face


Found this new one, which is looking down along the line of marchers. Putting it here for the time being. Aleister 4:44 29-4-14

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