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i just saw this name on the television and don't remember this being a state within/without america. any insight?

edit guam 9

just to clarify. i was watching the republican campaign on cnn. states were flashing in the lower left hand corner. above the state name it said "Voting Now". below that was the state name. below that was a small picture of the state and a number to the right. for instance, georgia was to the left of "72". strange thing was that when "Guam" was shown there was a picture of a red star to the left of the number nine. the use has 50 states plus washington d.c. guam is not a state so their vote would not traditionally matter. wikipedia says, "The United States took control of the island in the 1898 Spanish-American War." is this a lie?

If you Google "Marinara Islands" this page is the first hit. WTF? --YeOldeLuke 21:06, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

edit Guamanian Monkeys

ok so here it is...we don't wear grass skirts and the whole monkey thing..that is soo FUNNY.!stfu!& i dont know what locals you drive behind but for my family every lane is a speeding lane.!haha I Don't know what it is That make you people hate Guam so Much.!if you don't like our island then just STFU and keep your comments to yourself.!& btw you got your chamorro mixed up.!& to whoever just wrote below me.!i see you must be a all us a favor & don't write comments like "ill kick your ass" just makes you look dumb and then like this guy who made this page write shit about all of us.!

[[Image:[IMG]Nigeria_-_Guenon_monkey.jpg[/IMG]|thumb|Nocturnal Guamanisn Monkey just prior to attacking camera man]]

theres no attacking monkeys on guam!! and we dont wear grass skirts and huts!! all you damn rednecks who wrote this better watch yourselves Guam is civilized like anyother state! we have running water power. cars trucks and alot more. before you start writtin gabout our Island come and check it out ! or we really just might have to kick your ass!

I can see by your grammatical skill that you were all educated on the great island of Guam. Commas, capitalization, and spelling are not just suggestions when communicating with educated individuals. Perhaps money spent campaigning for “reparations” and “rights” would have been better utilized by Guam’s public education (or lack there of) systems.

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