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Ignore mostly everything on this page.

It's funny how the 'HISTORY' section is rather accurate, more accurate than most Greeks would like to admit, naturally. Did the people crying on this talk page about how their beloved country is so superior know there was no concept of "Greece" as there is today prior to the 'revolution' of 1821 (unlike what seems to be implied in history school books)? So what exactly are our achievements? I'll tell you what - a decent place in eurovision and the euro cup in soccer, that's what. I'm more ashamed than proud of this fact, really.

Go fuck yourselves.

-Aris from Greece

Who the hell told you to come here for information?? You were clearly misinformed (at least according to the meaning of the word in my dictionary).

crashbarrier waltzer from Greece

I my god! You gave the wrong name to your site! You must rename it from "" to

1."" 2." or 3."" (if you do not know the meaning you can

                   search to your dictionary!!!)

You have to read the Greek history and then write this junk.

Have a nice day ASSHOLES!

Dionysia from GREECE

I'm sorry, propably the previous Greek lady misunderstood the purpose of this site!
I restored the article and I can say I find it funny actually! (I'm Greek too).

she is probably "anorgasmiki" looooool

Some people just don't have a sense of humour!
Cudos to the writer

You probably forgot to mention that when Greek people were using spoons and plates to eat, the non-Greek people were using just their hands.. But that's life: Those who are not Greeks they are just...Barbarians.. Have a nice day!

Theodora from Greece.. P.S. The guy who wrote the article was probably g(a)y so.. don't worry.. He has nothing in common with Greek lovers!

Radical patriotism, the last refuge of blind loyalty. The ancient Greeks were technologically more advanced, at the beginning of the Bronze Age, than most people. Only a few exceptions... The La Tene Celts, the Indians the Persians, the Egyptians, the Phoenicians... Well okay, just about every Semitic people... The Chinese, the Japanese...

... Okay, maybe not a few, but a little historical revisionism at the edges is okay, right?

... Ah, "Barbarians" comes from the fact that the Greeks and, later, the Romans thought that other languages sounded like the barring of sheep. I recall reading that some Egyptians characterized the Greek language as like the chirping of insects. Ah, well... What do I care?

After all, you're all just godless Goyim to me, anyway. :)

For godsakes, it's just a joke site... I'm not going to go onto the page on Jews and say "omigod! Those gentile assholes make our god look like Cthulthu, I'm going to write about how the gentiles are less awesome than us and how we're greater!" It's parody.

And apologies to the Greeks here who can find this article funny, I know it's certainly a universal phenomenon (hell, coming from a Welsh family of Jewish descent, I can account for two groups who have a reputation for being thin-skinned at times).

A good article: way more subtle than most on this site. And informative, too, so it probably breaks the rule about being 'content free'! Does nobody want to take it 'downmarket' a bit? - Se.Ma.

edit lol

well this is really funny, but in this text you can read and some truths and this is a shame, but well this is how we are here in Greece and I don't know if we can change it, every country have something bad to think about, well I hope that everyone who will read this article take it as it have to be taken, as a funny article , and i have to say that malaka is for Greece something like the muslims (did I wrote it right?) say "Ali" "Mohamet" etc, everyone listen to this "name" :P

Nikos nitro912gr

edit Endless stupidity

If Ancient Greeks knew that Democracy would let fools (like the author of this article) to express in public their stupid ideas, they would be disappointed about their achievment. If you find this article funny, then you have to worry about your humor's low level... It refers to false historical data and based in ridiculus statements. Thus, I don't think that is written for fun purposes. It is just an anti-Greece propaganda (do you know that this word is Greek?). Just another wanker that tries to find ways to gain the others' attention....

PS. Dear site's administrators: A substandart cencorship would be useful


Basically, i just read the whole article for Greece, but all the comments in the "discussion" tab as well. I have to say that this section is much more accurate than the "article" tab. As you may see, this is exactly the attitude of the normal Greek.

The "fight" between the author and the visitors. The best example!!! I am sure that if they were discussing somewhere only the two of them (in a coffee house for example for 4+ hours) they would agree in everything the author says. And the funny part is that they would be proud of it as well.

BUT!!!! If the previous discussion would take place in a coffee house (again for 4+ hours) in a foreign country, then everything would be different. Both would love Greece and would be homesick!!!!

Also, now that all these theories are posted in internet, meaning that a foreigner (Barbarian) can read them, then we have to defend ourselves. Don't forget! We admit them and are proud of them only among us. Not with the foreigners!!!!

Thank you author, it was an enjoyable article!!!


edit It's not funny

This article is not funny, it does not make people laugh. There are many great articles made me laugh my ass off but this one sucks. People with sense of humor, would you please write a better one?


I disagree. This is freakin' hilarious if you know any actual greek people.

Crimson Phantom, from Canada

It's actually extremely funny. I'm from Greece, and I didn't find it insulting. It just highlights our stereotypical behaviours, and that's what Uncyclopedia is for.

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