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This article contains far too much pro-ninja bias! As a Pirate-American retard, I feel that the global media has concentrated far too much on the ninja culture. I ask that this article be re-written with either less bias, or with pro-Pirate bias.

Also, ninja should always be lower-case. The are no capital "N" ninjas. Because they suck.

Aren't Nazis the third way?

I saw this bias too when I came in to edit the article; I meant to get rid of it but it looks like it didn't work, while I'm not a "Pirate-American" I favor pirates over ninjas, so the pro-pirate bias is fine with me. And now whats this about Nazis? I believe it was decided that the third leg of the trinity of pirates and ninjas is lumberjacks. --MrJimmy Journal talk 16:41, 24 February 2006 (UTC)

nah ninjas are better next to them pirates are fail.

edit Polar Opposites?

How can pirates and ninjas be polar opposites if they both use stealth tactics? Pirates rarely use stealth. They have no need. They are such BAMFers, there is no need to hide in the shadows and wear masks. How gay is that? They just take what they want. Its more about brute force than "stealth". Who needs stealth when you really dont give a #^@&?

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