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I need your help for this translation:

  1. First the title: the reader should guess that it refers to the game: go. It's supposed to be a crummy word play between the go game and the Goth game (which doesn't exist by the way)
  2. Then, I don't know how we name a test a teacher sends to the pupils without noticing them before. I have thought that it is named a "spot test"
  3. Is there any slang term for "laugh"? Is there any other expression that "kick in the nuts"?
  4. Is there a more "teenager" slang term for "absolutely"?
  5. How do you say that something (i.e. the article) has a strong bad smell and it comes from the ass rather than "It stinks from the ass"?
  6. The first sentence of the clown should express disdain. This part is really important to understand the article. The clown says explicitly that he thinks the author can't write an article and then the clown finishes the article but we quickly see that he is worse than the author.
  7. I don't know what a thief would say to an unexpected witness. I have thought that it would say "Do as nothing happened.".

Thanks. Ftiercel 15:53, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

OK (From an American)
1.) I don't know how to help you with this one. I did not make that connection/understanding.
(It does not matter?)
It's not the most important thing but the end of the article is based on it.
2.) A test/quiz a teacher gives to his/her students with out them knowing about it ahead of time is called a "pop quiz."
OK, I have added this.
3.1.) Slang terms for "laugh" vary by region. Search on the English Google with "define laugh" or "define laugh slang" to find the usage you are looking for.
3.2.) "kick in the nuts," is good; when referring to 'male genitals' could also be "kick in the balls, junk, nards, family jewels, etc. There are MANY other alternatives to this as well; "Tapped in the sack," "Donkey-punched in the goods," etc.
4.) I am sure there is a younger version of "absolutely" but I can't think of one. (I'm too old I guess.)
5.) "It smells like ass," "It ranks of butt,"???
OK, thank you! Ftiercel 18:03, June 1, 2010 (UTC)
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