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same old, same old . the god particle can be neither created or destroyed. science advances and religion scrambles to show that it proves the hand of god. 51 years of mathmatics has bored the ardent believer into jumping and shouting, god exists god exists because I say so. the boson was predicted by einstein-boson. Religionist predict the finding of the particle proves gods hand in the beginning of the universe. the phyics of the universe is too simplified and eloquent to simply be. let it be and we shall exist. egocentric understanding of the god particle and the discovering of the god particle does not require god to be showing us he thinks only in perfect man and women think. god, way to eternatalized, by definition of perfection does not operate in man think. (maybe women)

simplification and a sub atomic particle gets us no closer to who or what controls infinity, a concept no one completely grasps.
looky gee, a particle giving mass and gravity. men and women are so special ther must be a god in our image to create us.  holy cow, what a reach
                                                                                                             waiting for god
                                                                                                              to be my friend
                                                                                                             before my demise
                                                                                                               an earthly end

                                                                                                           may the cosmos rule
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