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edit From Pee Review

I wrote this article when I was barely awake and the result is rather weird. It's been marked as needing fixing, and now that I'm fully conscious I can see that it is a kind of lame idea. Can anything humorous be salvaged from this mess? The typos have all been fixed, anyway, but the article itself...I don't know. I need opinions!!!!!

Humour: 4 Sorry to not have anything specific to say, but it just doesn't always click for me... je ne sais quois. But don't give up yet, because...
Concept: 8 ...this one has potential. You could add parallel statistics, such as suicide rate, and the oft-touted pirate-to-global-warming rate. It's a little weighed down by...
Prose and formatting: 3 ...the format, which subscribes to the "big-block-o'-prose" style. The prose itself is also pretty funky in places. It would be made more diverse by...
Images: 1, which are entirely in absentia. But don't just stick in random crap, because...
Miscellaneous: 3 ...the randomness humor in this article is annoying. I think this idea lends more to the straight-man, textbook style. Maybe it would even work better in UnNews.
Final Score: 19 Loose-cannon prose and randomness humor weigh down a compelling theory. Keep at it!
Reviewer: --LLBean

A superb article! I really love the idea of the medieval boring period! You could add something on "climb-it" gate. I suppose it would have to be a controversy about how to climb a gate ... which funnily enough I'm a bit of an expert on. You really should climb the hinge end because it is strongest!

Love the picture of the kid yawning! 11:51, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

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