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edit From Pee Review

Created by yours truly with ideas and minor edits from my good friend and Uncyclopedia noob Paniking Undead. --Hotadmin4u69 [TALK] 02:35, 19 April 2007 (UTC)

Humour: 9 Hilarious! One of the funniest articles I've read in a long time.
Concept: 8 Original concept, well thought up.
Prose and formatting: 5 Quite well formatted, but the timeline thing should be the same size as the rest.
Images: 8 Some really funny pictures.
Miscellaneous: 7 Some parts get repetetive.
Final Score: 37 Really funny article, well done! Wish I knew what your French and Spanish stuff meant.
Reviewer: DoubleStopGuy

in viennese they say scheiss drauf (shit on it), this can be used as an instruction e.g. Franz: Ich muss mich mit der Aufgabe beeilen ("I need to hurry up with my assignment"), Anton: Ach, scheiss drauf! "O, shit on it!" i.e. don't bother. Or also as an adjective Franz: Hey Toni wie geht's? ("Hi Anton how are you?") Anton: Bin scheiss drauf! ("I am shit on it")

edit Al Bhed

Should I add some al bhed to this article? It's a language from final fantasy. It should add something. or if you want i'll leave it. either way, i have the means. THOMASNATOR 15:08, 28 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Hungarian

edit In Other Languages

English Spanish Italian French Portuguese Swedish Russian Danish Filipino Vietnamese Polish Greek Deutsch Magyar
I do not give a shit. Me importa una mierda. Non me ne frega un cazzo. Je ne donne pas de merde. Eu não ligo pra essa merda. Jag bryr mig inte ett skit. Мне Насрать. Jeg giver ikke en lort. Hindi ako nagbibigay ng tae. Tao đéo quan tâm. Gówno mnie to obchodzi.[1] Χέστηκα. Geht mir am Arsch vorbei Leszarom.
Nobody gives a shit. A nadie le importa una mierda.[2] Non importa un cazzo a nessuno. J'aime promenades longues sur la merde.[3] Ninguém liga pra essa merda. Ingen bryr sig ett skit. Всем насрать. Ingen giver en lort. Walang nagbibigay ng tae. Đéo ai cần biết. (A)[4] gówno to kogo obchodzi. Interessiert keine Sau Mindenki telibeszarja.
Who gives a shit? ¿A quién mierdas le importa? Chi cazzo se ne frega? Qui donne une merde? Quem liga pra essa merda? Vem bryr sig? Кому не насрать ? Hvem giver en lort? Sino nagbibigay ng tae? Đéo ai thèm quan tâm? (A)[5] gówno to kogo obchodzi? Ποιός χέστηκε; Wen interessiert die Scheisse? Ki nem szarja le?
We don't give a shit. Nos importa una mierda A noi non ce ne frega un cazzo. Nous ne donnons pas de merde. A gente não liga pra essa merda.[6] Vi bryr oss inte ett skit. Нам насрать. Vi giver ikke en lort. Di kami nagbibigay ng tae. Chúng tao đéo cần biết. Gówno nas to obchodzi. Χεστήκαμε. Geht uns am Arsch vorbei Leszarjuk.

edit Life's a Beach

The United Kenyans of Washington snuck into Indonesia to fill a vacuum caused by the lack of oil refineries in Aceh province. Indonesia declared a Fatwa against all Kenyans trying to sneak into their country to steal their oil.

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