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edit A little feedback

I really like the article, but there's one particular element about it that is really bothering me. You have this really cool animated gif that has this fantastic surprise aspect about it, but it's done in such a way that no-one will notice it unless they've scrolled right down to the bottom of the article, and even then they may have to be sitting at what looks like white space for a while before it comes up. I don't think it's really that effective where it is at the moment. Is there some way that you can incorporate that more into the body of the article to have a little bit more of an effect? I mean, honestly it's completely up to you, I just thought that it would work a little better if the surprise did actually surprise people, if you know what I mean.
                              Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 01:42, Apr 22 2010 UTC
Yes, for some reason I see what you mean, I feel a headache coming on and don't know where it comes from. OK, how did you do that? I see the code, and would I just have to type the same code into it? I put the same gif at Ghosts but it takes up space and doesn't just show up over the text. I'm so code stupid that it all seems like magic to me, and I pull the covers up over my head to hide from it. Seriously, this would be a great effect for near the end of the page (higher on the page it may take away from the other things, like words and pictures), maybe in the last section or starting from just above that? What would you suggest, the article is in your hands. Thanks, and may there be many ghosts in your futuire. Al des chain 1:52 22 4
See the code? The indent is the 80px bit. The span position:relative means that it's put in a span here, but that's really just to set up a position. The div position:absolute means that the text and everything won't move around it, and the format of the page will be effectively as though it weren't there. It will stop anyone from clicking on links underneath where the image is, so I've removed the link to equestrian to stop anyone trying to click on it. I could potentially move it under the text, which will solve the issue somewhat, but I don't think that the effect is as good that way.                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 02:20, Apr 22 2010 UTC
Damn! Thank you, Very nice. And thanks for the explanation, I'll study it and try to educate myself a little bit more than I am now. Very appreciated. And on another topic, gonna have to go to a new stage on Tim Burton, final edits/edit sweep, then on to pee review. If you have some time in the next 24-37 hours please go over the page and work your magic there too. Thanks again, Al sans chains 2:25 22 4

The bastards can't leave well enough alone.

Scared face



This is like a ghost

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