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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Ganon article.
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Article policies

"MrBubbles (lamer who wrote this)"

That's nice and all, but it's too random/stupid. It needs some truth from the actual games to make it funnier. I'm requesting to scrap the whole thing and rewrite it. ~Lord Oppy

I've been trying to funnify it in my spare time and (at least to me) it seems a bit better now. I'd like to give props to whoever put the thing about ping pong in the facts. It makes me chuckle. ~capgamer

Thanks, that would be me. And eh, a bit better? =( I still think it should be more LoZ canon. At one point I was thinking of him being in cahoots with "some scarecrow wearing a spiky mask", in the back alleys of the Town Market, playing suckers in the ball shuffling game for their money, but I thought the bit about huffing Poe was better.Oh, and I propose we write a section explaining what the hell Ganondorf was up to during LoZ: MM. ~Lord Oppy

Should we maybe go about it on a game-by-game basis? Like have different headings for each game and then explain Gdorf's role in it? Like, Majora's Makeup where Ganondorf opened his own beauty salon and pissed off a customer, blah blah blah...? ~capgamer

Nah, that might be a bit much. Browsing over all of the other VG entries, I don't really see any of them where they include what the character was doing in each game. However, it came to my attention that we need something or other of a list of games he's in at the bottom. I'll put that up in a few hours. ~Lord Oppy

edit Images?

This article needs more images. Probably nothing fancily phtoshopped is needed, though maybe a picture from SSBM of Ganondorf getting knocked around would be funny.

I didn't make this, but... heh. ganondorf-ultimate_pimp.jpg ~capgamer

edit Change.

I changed Ganny Sez to Ganon Sez, I think it sounds better. Like Simon Sez.

edit I modified the Twilight Princess mention a little bit.

The Richard Simmons thing just didn't strike me as funny. Change it back if you disagree. I was also wondering if someone can help me find and post a closeup of Ganondorf's face in Twilight Princess. It looks like he's wearing a bonnet... sorta. ~capgamer

edit Uhh... I put a picture.

If you can make it look funnier, by all means. It's late and I'm tired. Sorry. :)

edit Changed everything

I'm sorry, but I rewrote the whole article.After reading the former description i though it was not funny, with cliché masculinity jokes and pointless random ones (especially on the Sephiroth vs Ganon competition).I appreciate the former author's try to make people laugh but I though the jokes didn't match with the instructions on the article:How to be Funny And not Just Stupid, the instruction manual on Uncyclopedia.Plus, found it unformatted (with basic errors in things like cpaital letters), making the article a bit boring to uncouraging to read.

I've recycled some jokes (The "Cannon Dwarf" ideia was simply brilliant, couldn't help laughing, just as The Legend of Zelda POG Game one), but, as i've explained above, i rewrote the whole article, this time with a description more closer to the Zelda timeline (Joke after joke is not funny, there must be some truth in the article) and with a less amount of sexual jokes.

If you edit the article, please keep the intelligent humor, stop watching newgrounds (PICO KILLED 50 ZOMBIE BABIES AND THEN RYU APPEARED WITH A DICK-SHAPED WATER GUN!WOOT WOOT) and go watch Seinfeld, Friends, or even take a look at Groucho Marx's quotes.I do not have anything against Newgrounds, I'm a big fan of Tom Fulp and even laugh my ass off in the Flash submissions in the site.The point is: There are a lot of Flash movies in Newgrounds with childish humor (random humor, scatological humor, Chuck Norris , Emos, genocides,among other things).Adult humor is the the Uncyclopedia's objective (sarcasm, parody , intelligent puns)

I didn't want to offend anyone, please excuse me if i did, just trying to make this site better


edit He ruined it...

It had hilarious jokes about how he is an identical twin to Captain Falcon, and is actually Rich Gannon (GOLD!!!) but now its garbage that is only worth a small belly chuckle here or there... plz someone make it funny again, Seinfeld is indeed hilariously funny but if you want to make a page on Ganondorf without playing most of the games (which it seems like that's what happened) you aren't equipped to dish out the quips. A correctly placed immature joke can indeed still be pure comedy. I am no better, as I am too lazy to rewrite it myself. But at least no one will be mad at me, right? ~Kryptnyt

Well, I've made an attempt to begin rewriting it. It's kind of vanilla right now, but I'd say it's at least marginally better. Please feel free to add jokes/perfect it. I've only redone the Ocarina of Time section so far, but I'll work on the rest tonight/tomorrow. UPDATE: Written up through Twilight Princess. Not as funny as I would like it, but at least it sort of follows the story and it's not completely retarded. Though it's still pretty retarded. XD UPDATE 2: Wrote through Wind Waker. Could use some work... kind of brief. Still better than the old version, though... :) ~capgamer

ALL RIGHTY! The article is completely rewritten. I threw in as many references as possible and made it as zany and as humorous as I could. I also removed the facts section since it didn't really fit with what the article is now. Could use more pictures, could use more links, (and I mean links, not Links) but I would say that overall it's not too bad of an article now. ~capgamer

edit Need a picture of Wind Waker Ganondorf that accentuates his fatness

For the Wind Waker section. Would like a subtitle of "Don't use medication inappropriately." I don't know how to add images, so I'm asking for some help from the bottom of my cold, black, heart. ~capgamer

edit Did I ruin the article?

It's a funny situation: You criticize my changes, but act in a controversial way. If you didn't like it, why didn't you reverted the changes? In fact, you kept some jokes I wrote, like the Falcondorf one, and kept also the article structure and the whole story, only changing the jokes. Also, you deleted the jokes I kept from the former article, like "Cannon-Dork", "I RULE!", and the "POG Game Medallions", and the Facts section. And was the former article really hilarious? It had "The Ganon vs Sephiroth" section, which was completely random and unfunny. Also, my article was following more closely the humor rules of Uncylopedia (How to be Funny and Not Just Stupid), while the former one made references to Sparta, Your Mom, and other cliché jokes banned by the rules. So, there is no point in saying I ruined it. In fact, it seems you liked it, but don't accept so.

Despite all that, you were capable of creating hilarious jokes. It's funny the way you rewrote it. Congratulations to this guy capgamer.

Let's work like a team, shall we?

~Adorfin 6/10/08

Yeah, sorry, I kind of figured that your edit was just sort of a one-time look at it and change everything kind of thing. I didn't get the impression from your previous post that you cared too much about the article. So I thought I would take some of your suggestions (IE: make it more true to the games, slightly less crude) and rewrite the article. Your grammar and spelling was very difficult for me to read so I felt it would be easier and more enjoyable (from my perspective) to completely rewrite the article. I apologize for completely deleting what you had, but much of it just struck me similar to Kryptnyt above: a lot of the jokes were ruined or kind of indecipherable.

If you have any suggestions or improvements to the article, please of course feel free to add them. I'll probably come back now and then and if I don't understand something you put down or I don't think it's funny, then I'll try to leave a little message here saying why I changed it so you can decide. ~capgamer


I'm really glad you cared about my point of view and gave me feedback about my actions. That's what working in a team is all about =]. I'm sorry, but English is not my native language so I really make a lot of mistakes in my attempts to write articles =[. And yeah, you did the right thing, I imagine how boring it must be to take a look at the whole text and correct every single grammar mistake and try to decipher the jokes. And, about the Rich Gannon joke, I apologize, I didn't know who he was, I'm not much into NFL, LOL. Let's get that article in the front page! =]

But, again, the article is hilarious, I'm laughing my ass off reading it (again). It's almost perfect! That's the adult humor I was talking about! LOL


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