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edit Too much?

There are a lot of types of gamers listed here, and I'm guessing that's why Qmark8 got rid of a bunch of it (please correct me if I'm wrong). I reverted that edit because I think at least some of it had merit, but if there's disagreement about that I think we should discuss it here before making major edits (no offense meant, Qmark8; sorry if it sounded that way). I think one good way to make the article look better without passing too much judgment on other people is to combine some of the types. For example, the section about "Paradoxial Gamers" (I can't believe I'm using that term in a serious discussuon) begins by saying they're always "N00b Gamers" (same as other parenthetical remark), so those can be combined. "Chick Gamers" (ibid) can probably go unless it's expanded into more than one sentence. What does everyone else think? -Unknownwarrior33 01:08, 19 August 2006 (UTC)gamers suck ass

edit Something I'm surprised they haven't added much on

Chick gamers. Someone's definitely gotta have more info on them.

I mean, they could include crap like "Chick gamers, if appearing at all, often only appear on free MMOs such as 'neopets', however there have been cases where the majority of chick gamers that browse youtube every day are pulled into subscription MMOs. These chicks will only remain in these games, however, if they happen to have a boyfriend that they actually love, who plays the game. In most situations, a 'guild', 'crew', 'corp', or 'clan' in an MMO that happens to have anywhere from 1 chick gamer to the maximum reported incident of 3 chick gamers, will often experience a massive influx of other gamers joining that 'corp'. Much of this information was recieved from Eve Online, due to the fact that that game allows Chick Gamers the oppurtunity to write their own character bios, or semi-blogs."

Yah, it sounds like crap now that I think about it. Then again, someone could really write it out in such a way that it could be timed to sound hilarious.

edit The Main Image

Ummm... I would just like to note that the text "Lesly Cabane PC gamer after playing in a hardcore LAN party of World of Warcraft. Note last years pass to E3 around neck." may be incorrect, becouse World of Warcraft can only be played on LAN if it's an illegal server, and the hardcore gamers (who go to E3) are usually playing on legal servers. --MK42 12:24, 3 August 2008 (UTC)

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