Sorry, the "Habbo" bit isn't funny, just racist and ignorant. It should be removed please. Or add a bit about stupid racists.

"The term 'Habbo' comes from a contraction of the titles of two groups that are prolific in Freemaantel, the homeless and the aborigines. These two groups are connected in more ways than one, if you see a homeless person on the street, they are usually aboriginal (presumably drunk). And conversely, if you see an aborigine on the street (presumably drunk), they are most likely homeless. Visiting the local soup kitchen on Parry Street early in the morning will allow you to see the Habbo in its natural environment scrounging for food. The Habbo generally travels in packs but it is not uncommon for more feral individuals to roam alone. Be warned, if you come into contact with a Freemaantel Habbo, you will be verbally assaulted (unintelligible) and then asked for money or cigarettes. If you refuse then more verbal abuse will result. If by some chance they do not verbally assault you, your olfactory senses will be assaulted by their smell. Luckily the range of the Freemaantel Habbo is restricted to the central part of the city of Freemaantel, the Wellington Street Train Station in Perth and the trains that run in between."