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edit Lack of FSM Fundamentalism

I am disturbed by the lack a fundamentalist FSM point of view in the article. The article revels in idolatry and heresay.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster will not abide flippant idolatry such as his formalized image being used as it is in this article. There's even a picture of an outline of our Holy FSM that are commonly use on car bumpers. How profane!

Thus it is written in the FSM apocrypha:

"Behold, in his anger like the reek of garlic our Lord smote the idolators with writhing tendrils wrought with durum wheat, eggs, and water. Fearful were those that had claimed faith in the noodled Lord but were in fact filled with cynical contempt and laughed into their sleeves even while professing their faith in Him."

Is this ringing a bell to any of you Apastates? The Flying Spaghetti Monster is NOT a parody of faith. It is the one true Faith with a jealous Lord that will not countenance heresy.

edit Conflicting views with Arceusism?

edit Tyncnuxurdy

Your post is intertesting, Can you share the blueprint that Rob follows? I will keep watching your post. Great!

edit Sauce

The sauce on the flying spaghetti monster should be awesome sauce. --Ke 00:00, November 18, 2010 (UTC)

edit SexAlinee

Super portal, but noticed that something must be corrected.

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