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The Flux Capicator Rules

The flux capacitor is, like science, a highly regulated secrete among the best minds known to man. It is the domain of gods.

Yes, adding more events are funny; however, entire articles that are nothing but lists are not. Do not add any more items to this list. If you want to add anything further, do so in a text paragraph--not to the list. --epynephrin 05:43, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

edit Flux induction

A primary cause of flux capacitor failure of function is flux induction cause by sinosoidal depleneration. Flux induction cancels the effects of flux capacitance and is the principle behind the standard galactic formula for Flux Factor:

F_F = \frac{C_F}{L_F}

Where F_F is Flux Factor, F_C Capacitive Flux and F_L is Inductive Flux.

Parasitic flux inductance is encountered in all flux circuits since no one has found away to completely eliminate it because it's impossible due to the omnipresence of metaphysical parasites otherwise known as religious thoughts. It's a good job since it would infinitely amplify Gay Fusion and spell the end of creation for all forms of caffeine, the primary source of nerd inspiration and nurishment.

The volumetric range of flux capacitance is only limited by the body shell of a DeLorean thus flux inductors are a standard fit precautionary measure in all potentially flux capacitive installations as the cost of building giant DeLoreans around such installations in prohibitively expensive. Failure to contain the range of a flux capacitive installation could cause Conservapedia to become far-left propaganda, since there is no theoretical upper limit. Therefore flux capacitance must be contained to prevent godless liberal trash injecting facts and reason into populist movements or government decission making. -- 13:37, March 16, 2011 (UTC)TheGodlessGuitarist

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