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I would like to add that the Earth does not spin around the sun. The truth is that the sun moves across the sky in a distance of only a few miles.

This becomes evident when you watch the angle of two sun-rays breaking through clouds on a dull day. I did not manage to insert a picture into this text, but google for any sunray picture as f.e. on


If the sun was so far away as THEY [1] want us to believe, all sun-rays should be almost parallel. But they are obviously far from that. Take a ruler, draw a line to the estimated origin of two sun-rays in this picture, and any third-grader can tell you that the distance of the sun will not exceed a few miles (if we assume that the distance between the points where the sun-rays land on earth is only a few miles away which it undoubtedly is).

Logically all articles on wikipedia about astronomy, landing on the moon and Ellen McArthur sailing around the world must be false. The truth is that all these articles do not only sound fantastic but they actually are fantasy-land.

I appreciate that UNCYCLOPEDIA is one of the few places left where truth may appear in public, dressed as a joke.

I also believe that cows are behind the conspiracy and control the world government.

Finally the Earth is obviously flat otherwise why do people fall of a round Earth?

Plus if the Flat Earth isn't flat, then why do they call it the Flat Earth, ehhh? Digi 10:29, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

Good points. The comment about the cows made me think a lot. I used to think cats were behind all this. As at the end of the reincarnation chain, as a reward for a very long number of reincarnations into miserable and failing lives, is waiting the live of a house-cat: Free food! Free lodging! Smash and scratch everything and everyone you want and they pet you for it! I always suspected them cats to control our ways through the lives of their keepers - but the more I think about it, it makes more sense if it were cows. The way they´re treated they would have all the world of a reason to make it the way it is. The only question that remains is, if cows are powerful enough to send us hunger and war, diseases and Robby Williams, why don´t they free themselves from a stupid fence...? Finally this is a cyclopedia about facts, don`t you think it must be cats?

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