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Hey farker's read all links and make it consistant...

Someone forgot the whole funny part until the last line...

That's because some moron blanked the page and replaced it with text copied from the Fark FAQ, so I reverted the page. The article isn't funny anyway, but then, neither is Fark. --Rcmurphy 02:43, 18 Jul 2005(UTC)

edit More Rugby Jock

please make more reference to rugby jock, the in-house gay-themed photoshopper

I think he may be straight, and is only photoshopping to piss off the gays. 13:25, 3 June 2007 (UTC) ^^ No RugbyJock is GAY and is photoshopping pictures of guys and ordinary not so shocking fappable gay themed pictures just to laugh at the reaction of social conditioned heterosexuals.

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