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edit Moved comment

Moved from front page (and am currently discussing...):

(If someone sees this, could you please explain to me why this was tagged NRV for a second time after expanding it past some n00b's one-line entry? I lol'd! Otherwise, erase this line and kiss my balls.)

edit Dumb edits

Quit making stupid edits to the fucking article. It's not a e-penis comparison between your fighter and the F-16, it's an article about an F-16 pilot crushing the competition with his gigantic e-penis. Mmkay? Good, stfu.

Also added additional information regarding beef jerky, blatantly stolen from one of Maddox's pages.

Sign with a TILDE! Gen. Fudgem0bile Head-butt unicorns 03:17, November 25, 2010 (UTC)

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