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In ecology, trophic dynamics is the system of trophic levels(Greek trophē, food), which describe the position that an organism occupies in a food chain - what it eats, and what eats it.(

Trophic levels -trophy ,medal ceremony,podium ,snailylimpics Examples:[[1]] [[2]] [[3]] [[4]] [[5]]

In ecology trophic dynamics is the...

After each Olympic event is completed a medal ceremony is held. A three–tiered rostrum is used for the medal winners, with the gold medal winner ascending to the highest platform. The medals are awarded by a member of the IOC.[54] After medals are awarded, the flags of the nations of the three medalists are raised. The flag of the gold medalist's country is in the center and raised the highest while the flag of the silver medalist's country is on the left facing the flags and the flag of the bronze medalist's country is on the right. The flags are raised while the national anthem of the gold medalist's country plays.(

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