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Hey guys add on to the Pro's and Con's section if you want try not to murder or change to much in my thread and dont get this mxed up with the subculture thread, they may tie in but dont make it completely like it. Also I need help in the subgenres emotronic help me make it funny but stay on the same path I had it. Subculture: Emo XXxChriscorexXx 23:56, 27 May 2008 (UTC)

this doesnt look like a uncyclopedia article.

needs moar bashing. someone with a pair should write it.

Alright, if I see mindless all caps bashing of emocore on this page I will remove it, I am the original creator of this page. Dont fuck it up for me feel free to add on but if I see MY CHEMICAL FAGGOT, or something like that I will eat you...

That's not very nice, you know.

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